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    Alexander Rudnik

  2. RoCKiE


    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

  4. RoCKiE

    What do you listen to ?

  5. RoCKiE

    What do you listen to ?

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    Lovely , also when I hear the music in that video I immediately have to start singing the CLF anthem ... "The liberation front is the greatest of them all..."
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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    Hunting some more

    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    Cleaning up the forest

    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    What do you listen to ?

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    Old TP

    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

  19. RoCKiE

    What do you listen to ?

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

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    From the album: Alexander Rudnik

  22. RoCKiE

    What do you listen to ?

  23. RoCKiE

    What do you listen to ?

  24. RoCKiE

    What do you listen to ?

  25. RoCKiE

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I'd personally say that I am indeed "hiding". And it hasn't even anything to do with the server as it is right now, I wouldn't know from personal experience at least since I don't really meet a lot of people. Just seen streams, videos and heard things from people. And I don't wanna sound like a snob or that I know better, I really don't. I personally I believe myself to be rather shit at roleplay. While someone that arguably had some of the best roleplay on the server (BigLittleShorts) called me and a friend the unsung heroes. That was a while ago though and still think it was an overstatement. Talking about DayZ Mod here by the way, don't wanna create confusion. What I am trying to get at with this. I don't know how to do it better. I never initiated on a single person I believe while playing this. Never played a bandit, just "heroes" and focused on PvE and I guess creating immersion for myself and others if that makes any sense. While it was a goal to get rid of bandits most of the time, the amount of hostile situations I got into by simply existing was more than enough, no motivation at all to start my own ones. I am sure there have been a bunch of great situations, it's the bad ones that I can remember though that stuck in my head. Sorry for that. To give a few examples: Whether it is standing around for a solid 1+ hour doing nothing during a settlement raid, getting executed for "not following the right path" through a pitch black forest, getting shot in the head at the Free Medic's camp after asking the robbers if I can move now or not... (they weren't even in range of hearing us, just had sniper overwatch but we still weren't allowed to get on with our days. We didn't have weapons btw, so there wasn't any threat for them) or getting executed for crimes I did not commit by a group that asked me the week before if I was interested in joining them. Whole Situation lasted 5-10 minutes. The funniest thing I experienced was getting tortured because our allies BHM shot at the door of a barn with a revolver to test it out. The people that captured us pretended that we executed someone ourselves there (door = person), which was obviously a lie and poor excuse to get... I don't know what tbh. The RP itself if I made it out alive really went nowhere though, it didn't help us and I highly doubt it helped them and at some point you start to not care anymore, just wanna get it over with. (maybe that's a problem I provide to the situation) The only thing I really wanted was a solid reason. Give me a reason for whatever it is you wanna do to me and it's fine. Whether I was an asshole, your character is a lunatic or something else, I really don't care. If there is a reason I can work with so that it will be fun for both sides. Don't know how to fix this, don't know if this helps. It's just my reasoning for "hiding". And now that I think of it, I have actually been in a hostile situation in Standalone. Taken hostage by some group of random people up north near the edge of the map. Was never initiated on, just handcuffed and questioned after I sneaked into their "base" without knowing and asking a question about the wrong kind of people. Took quiet a while and was very enjoyable for me. Even got some food at the end and got shown the right direction to where I wanna go. And I would like to think it was because of his characters reasoning of wanting to protect his friends, since I wasn't dressed like a guy you wanna have sneak around in your territory. (complete white camo) And me managing to convince him that I am telling the truth about my intentions and the fact that I don't wanna hurt anyone of them.
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