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  1. So that's why I never ran into Saint again. Fellow Haven visitor. It all makes sense now. Never realized he had a first name.
  2. Added a second part.
  3. This is essentially the continuation of the journey of two characters, Majoo's and mine, as the journey ingame has come to an end. A product of severe boredom I had to endure during school once a week, a few months ago. Everything prior to this is documented on our character pages. I'll continue to post stuff as I edit it. As of right now the first entry (shortest one) takes up 3 pages in my little document, in total I have ~35. I have a direction on where to go with this is what I am trying to say, but that just on a side note. The form it is written in is a bit weird because I wanted it to be a diary at first, which it really isn't. More the thoughts of a person while he is writing it, but that changes later on as well. Feedback is very much appreciated. 'All rights reserved to @MajooRB for his ultimate & elite roleplay that made it possible for this story to exist' Not my words. He made the graphics, thanks for that.
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