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  1. I remember seeing Feliks in school, pretty boy, always dressed well and all the girls were after him. Never talked to him there, doubt he even knew who I was before I applied for the job in his restaurant. My family is from a rather humble background of hard working people. My father is Slovakian with distant Austrian ancestry, hah used to be one giant empire and the border is a hour away, so not that surprising. My mother is Austrian, I think they met in Vienna when he was on holiday. Anyways, my childhood is as normal as it can get. I love swimming, skateboarding, play the drums... what else... I like math? Thought about studying after I finished school with A-grades but... my father pointed me towards an ad in the local newspaper. "New Restaurant opening - "Venéz" by Feliks Sykora... he was looking for an apprentice to become an accountant... which surprised me but later on realized why he was trying to get a lot of young people that he could "form" in a way that suits him. The only thing I was thinking off is "That little bitch is just 4 years older than me and he opens a fucking restaurant together with the most famous chef of the country... fuck off" But that didn't stop me from applying. From what I gathered in the past everyone said he is a good guy and maybe he recognizes me so I will have a easy time and with the money his parents have I should get a good pay as well. This is how I got sucked into his real business plans. The guy that I worked with, responsible for my apprenticeship was fired shortly after I finished it aka after he taught me everything I need to know. Feliks sat done with me and explained whats gonna change from this point going forward and I basically became his assistant, setting up business meetings for him, doing calls, organizing things... this kind of stuff. I didn't really mind any of it for the most part, some stuff I didn't really agree with... just put in my earbuds and turned on the music and continued with my work. I really don't wanna travel to Andrzejów and god even worse... that Nadbór shithole... of course he has to plan a stupid trip just as I was... it has to be on purpose... Subject to change, just a first short draft
  2. It’s been raining for hours, the area around the factory is covered in fog He can barely see 5 meters in front of him. But there is a light, the light of a lit cigarette that glimpses through it As the courier gets closer, he spots two men, one smoking, while standing in the middle of the rain, well dressed The other one, casual clothing, sitting beside a locked door with various different tools and an empty glass bottle laying on the floor beside him As he gets closer and closer, Wulf starts to get better sight of the figure approaching him A rather tall man, muscular, maybe in his mid-30’s, concealed face, camouflaged clothing and what appears to be some kind of high caliber rifle tied on his back with a sling Just before he stands in front of Wulf, he grabs a little pouch that was attached to his belt and pulls out a small bag with two things inside First, there is, what seems to be a letter and a small item wrapped into Christmas paper with a ribbon on top The courier would turn around and walk back the way he came, without speaking a word, after handing over said items. The coin Wulf pulled out to skip towards the courier lands in the dirt of the courtyard Wulf walks over to the other man sitting on the ground, seeking shelter from the rain He opens the letter and unwraps the gift Thanks for the help @MajooRB / Stole a little sound sample from your stream @RedSky @Wulf
  3. "Thanks for the heads up young lady." "To you, Mr. 'I found a bag of pills', I am intrigued. If you think about throwing them away... why not hand them over to me instead for... safekeeping and study? Don't think we ever met, pleasure to make your acquaintance my friend. Just tell me where you are and I'll take that burden off of you. If that isn't an option... well I am sure we can figure something out." "Anyways, I'll await your reply, take care buddy, hope your friend is alright." *a quiet laugh can be heard before the voice cuts out*
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