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  1. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN-- William Monroe Age -- 40 yrs old Country-- USA English-- fluent/Native DayZ Mod XP-- None DayZ Standalone XP-- Not much 120hrs Rp XP-- hardly any Best In game role that describes me-- Strategical Survivor Have i been in any groups so far-- Not initiated into one yet Best way to contact me-- is either a PM or if I'm in TS search for Beddhead Backstory: I dont really have one for this character yet but will be working on one.
  2. Lost Souls [IG Recruitment]

    Sounds very interesting, I think ill shoot one of you a PM and see if we can meet up. Great read btw.
  3. Hello there.

    I am a new roleplayer and a new player in general to DayZ I have about 100hrs into DayZ thus far and am eager to earn more! Although i may not understand some things right a way i am a fast learner. I've always loved survival games especially Zombie survival!! My past RolePlay experience is from a game called Life is Feudal: Your Own i was on a fairly high populated server! I am usually quite until i am used to someone or a group of people then im your regular chatty cathy! LOLZ!! I am usually the neutral type of player but i can learn to be other types. Thanks for reading!!! Catch you on the flip side Beddhead