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  1. William was born into a wealthy family but never got to live that life. At a young he was abandoned at a carnival in Stockholme,Wisconsin. He unfortunately never found his family. At his young age he was pitifully taken in by the local hobos on the rail road tracks and raised to live off the land. He grew up living off the land, he learned to love it and to care for it. He was taught by his caretakers to grow garden vegetables, he was also taught to skin his hunting kills and to properly cook the meat over an open fire.
  2. IGN-- William Monroe Age -- 40 yrs old Country-- USA English-- fluent/Native DayZ Mod XP-- None DayZ Standalone XP-- Not much 120hrs Rp XP-- hardly any Best In game role that describes me-- Strategical Survivor Have i been in any groups so far-- Not initiated into one yet Best way to contact me-- is either a PM or if I'm in TS search for Beddhead Backstory: I dont really have one for this character yet but will be working on one.
  3. Sounds very interesting, I think ill shoot one of you a PM and see if we can meet up. Great read btw.
  4. I am a new roleplayer and a new player in general to DayZ I have about 100hrs into DayZ thus far and am eager to earn more! Although i may not understand some things right a way i am a fast learner. I've always loved survival games especially Zombie survival!! My past RolePlay experience is from a game called Life is Feudal: Your Own i was on a fairly high populated server! I am usually quite until i am used to someone or a group of people then im your regular chatty cathy! LOLZ!! I am usually the neutral type of player but i can learn to be other types. Thanks for reading!!! Catch you on the flip side Beddhead