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  1. Mah man John Wilker. Kind of a wimp but isn't afraid to hoard those beans!
  2. So due to the unfortunate lack of sweet confectionery, patients will be given a sloppy fish after every examination?
  3. Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet but it seems the Eden sound engine fixes the zombie sounds. Notice in the latest QA test, when the player heads to the fireplace and a zombie attacks from behind. Guess we're finally going to know where those bloody zombies are.
  4. [align=center]*John happily reads through the note in his hand before pushing down the PTT of his radio.*[/align] [align=center]Hello Mr. Gregory, I'm not sure if you still remember me since you were mostly out of it during the procedure but I received your note up in Kabanino and I'm glad you're doing well. I do apologize that I wasn't able to professionally patch you up but at least you're alive.[/align] [align=center]*He pauses for a moment, contemplating his next few words.*[/align] [align=center]If you're listening and ever need a little patching up.. You know where to find us.[/align] [align=center]It's not everyday that we receive messages of thanks this way and it'll always be appreciated, so thank you.[/align] [align=center]Stay safe out there.[/align] [align=center]*He takes a short breath and begins to say something before refraining and ending the transmission.*[/align]
  5. Everybody is secretly a member
  6. Had some amazing RP with LIFE and various visitors at Camp Hope even though they probably thought Dr Hope was intoxicated from Pumpkins. Massive kudos and beanz to Summer Hill for an incredible performance outside of camp, one of my most unforgettable moments in this community.
  7. [align=center]*Slowly cocks his rifle before pushing the PTT in his spare hand*[/align] [align=center]"I only help those in need, that is my purpose in this new world."[/align] [align=center]"However if you're going to threaten that then I'll be seeing you real soon..."[/align] [align=center]*Exhales slowly with a muffled tone before releasing the PTT*[/align]
  8. [align=center]*Sighs as he hears Wolf's claim before pushing the PTT*[/align] [align=center]You Made peace with us by sneaking into our camp and saying 'We're all good now'.[/align] [align=center] Now I don't know about you but claiming that you intended to kill all of us through an open frequency then rocking up at the camp saying it's all alright isn't exactly making peace. Not to mention that we warned you not to return.[/align] [align=center]*Shakes his head as the sound of meat being sliced is heard through the transceiver before releasing the PTT.*[/align]
  9. [align=center]*John rushes over to the radio in his bag, pushing the PTT.*[/align] [align=center]"What the fuck is this about shooting!? Goddamnit, is everyone alright?"[/align] [align=center] *The bolt of his rifle slowly pulls open as John checks the number of bullets in the chamber before violently slamming the breech close.*[/align] [align=center]"I'm heading back to the camp... Why the hell did this happen in the first place.."[/align] [align=center]*Grief and disappointment courses through his voice as he says under his breath.*[/align] [align=center]"...Here I thought I managed to find a peaceful lot..."[/align] [align=center]*John sighs briefly through his mask before releasing his finger from the PTT*[/align]
  10. Another great RP with Dr Hope and Dr Eisenhower. Met a lot of people on the road to Kabanino including the intimidation from The Savages as they took my helmet. Had great fun guys, look forward to RPing with you again.
  11. [align=center]*Static begins to break through as John frantically tries to tinker with the transmitter* [/align] [align=center]Bzzzzt Com... on! Bzzzt[/align] [align=center]There! H-Hello? Is this thing working.. looks like it.. Doctor Hope and Doctor Eisenhower, This is John Wilker.. I've been separated from the group and I've managed to get myself lost. I'm not quite sure where I am exactly, I feel like I've been walking in circles for hours now. [/align] [align=center]*He slowly breathes in before releasing the PTT. A few moments go by before he pushes the PTT down again, exhaling slowly after renewing the filter in his Gas Mask*[/align] [align=center]I'd rather not reveal my location on an open frequency like this. If theres any L.I.F.E members listening, I'll need some sort of private frequen...[/align] [align=center]*The clink of his rifle is heard before he stands and releases the PTT*[/align]
  12. Had some fantastic RP with Dr. Eisenhower and the members of L.I.F.E. My first proper taste of RP in this community and it was great getting knowledge of the other factions within the game. <~ Gas Mask guy
  13. John Wilker

    Born from a medium wealth family in the suburbs of Sydney, John attended a rather ordinary school and obtained a rather ordinary education. Living a plain life by working as a cashier at a nearby grocery store, John developed an interest in firearms and target shooting. Using his new hobby to pass the time, he constantly visited a shooting range, firing an assortment of firearms such as bolt-action rifles and mass-produced pistols. On one particular day, he ran into a young lady named Vera, after exchanging contact details and partaking in target practice together, the two began dating and eventually married. Vera was obviously foreign from her mixed Chernarussian/Australian accent, John began to take interest in her home town of Chernarus. However shortly after their marriage, the civil war broke out. This sparked a slight fear in John as he began to develop a prejudice about Chernarussians and their violent tendencies, which were quickly diffused with Vera's reassuring words. The two lived quite happily with each other in the city until one particular night when a phone call arrived for Vera, after quickly picking it up, her tears began to flow... ========================================================================================== H-Hello.. My name is John Wilker, 31 years of age, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I guess this all happened around 2 years ago in October. My wife, Vera, received word that her Mother became terminally ill with no sign of recovery, we flew out to Novigrad, Chernarus the next day. I couldn't let her go alone, not after that civil uprising a few years back but it was Mother-in-law so of course I had to go. We ended up in a city called N-Novodmi-trovk I believe, could never figure out the names of these places. We visited the local Hospital and saw Vera's mother, she seemed alright but bedridden. I considered that we should return back to Australia but never had the heart to say it. That's when it all happened, the city went silent as everybody's eyes were glued to their TV screens, showing the first signs of the Virus, people eating people, gunshots. It was hell. I insisted to Vera and her family that we had to leave the city, I didn't feel safe. Unfortunately Vera refused to leave her Mother's side. Not even a week passed by before riots broke out and the fires began to spread, I thought the virus was bad but fear is much, much worse. It was then that my Mother-in-law passed away, Vera was almost soulless. I decided then that enough was enough, I quickly grabbed our things and evacuated the city alongside Vera and her family. I thought heading north towards Russia along with the Refugees was the best course of action, I regret doing that the most.. We shuffled among the masses of survivors as we approached the Border before they shot at us... We ran in the opposite direction but Vera and I were the only remainders of the group, she had lost her entire family. I picked up a pistol from one of the dead survivors and ran back south, I thought it would be good to have for defense.. Vera shot herself that night. I've forgotten how many days I wept, suicide was a very viable option but I just couldn't do it. Now here I am, surviving day by day, living off baked beans and whatever hasn't already been claimed. My previous past-time of going down to the shooting range back in Sydney has come in handy, I've been able to live off hunting wildlife but the gunshots are bound to bring attention. All I can do now is live another day and see what I'll encounter tomorrow.
  14. Had a lot of fun with a guy named Jimmy, patched up a vehicle and headed North out of Elektro, unfortunately my internet crashed causing my character to die T~T