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  1. So, once again I find myself pondering various aspects of Role-Play that both I personally have experienced and/or took part in. This time its Banditry and the Scare Tactics Bandits use! Obviously at DayZRP there are many people playing the part of the bandit, perhaps this is reflective of a 'balanced' economy in DayZ, I mean... there's always a 'bad' guy in every story right? So working on this thought has led me down a few different roads; now its time for the community to discuss it. We all understand that when you're the victim of a robbery or hostage situation more often than not you will be met by 1 to possibly 9-10 guns in your face whilst the questioning is on-going... which of course for the characters with a staunch moral compass is a terrifying situation, however what about the other means of 'extracting' the things you want, we all know torture is of course a go to... but how many other creative ways are there that we can use to get what we want; of course what im looking for is decently thought out ideas and prospects that ensure that whilst frightening, they still allow the 'victim' to enjoy the natural course of roleplay. So the question of the day is :- What other 'Scare' tactics do you use to get what you want? We all know the obvious ones... firing shots at the feet, pointing the weapons yadda yadda... but in many situations the spoken word can be a powerful weapon... so let your imagination run wild and tell me how YOU get what you want out of your hostage. *Take Note :- All points of discussion should be both relevant and enjoyable for all parties involved (i.e the Victim as well).*
  2. Hello Everyone, So I've been thinking quite a lot on my recent role-play experience and through the multiple bands of people that My character and I have bumped into, There appears to be one common denominator and that is that 80% of these characters are continuously sprinting! So my thoughts took me down a winding path to figure out the answer for Why people are doing this; this is mainly instigated by the fact that it was pointed out to me that I was the weird one... because I was walking around, Sticking to the paths and not sprinting across fields to get to my destination (wherever that may be). Please don't get me wrong, sprinting in many situations can be totally justified i.e to get away from a potential attacker, or group however upon having it pointed out to me that I wasn't taking these shortcuts or simply wasn't moving as fast as game mechanics would let me made me think, well... what does sprinting around everywhere have to do with validated Role-Play. For purposes of this post I will provide another example of my experience... I was observing a group of around 10 people in Novy Sobor, They did not know that I was around however they were discussing their intentions in regards to meeting another character, Suddenly 4 of these people decided they needed to drink... so what did they do? they sprinted 5 meters to get to the water pump, left their face masks on and started using the water pump. Now first of all, I appreciate that some of the more casual Role-Players don't see the flags here... and that is totally cool, I respect that there are a diverse range of role-play styles, but is this necessary? So I suppose the question of the day is, What does Sprinting around add to the Role-Play and if not, Why is it still a commonly preferred action? *These are my Opinions based on the Players that I have met, in no way am I trying to instigate that MOST people in the community do this; I quite literally mean that 80% of those whom I have met have been doing this.*