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  1. Name - Maximillion Blake Daniels (Max Daniels ingame) Age - 23 Country of Origin - U.K however was orphaned in the U.S.A Mindset - Generally Calm, Collected; But known to be quite rash with decisions. Key Features - Scarring on neck, Presumed to be birth marks. Backstory - Max was an orphan, different from the other children he would always go outside and play in the woods, this involved climbing trees, hopping across streams and using little sticks he would find to create his 'Base'. He was never interested in Video Games, Tabletop Games or Girls; Happy as a young boy should be he never really interacted too much with the other kids and faced a lot of bullying, children would call him "weirdo" and "creepy" but as oblivious to this as anything else Max would just walk away and continue with his own little adventures. Growing up was really a tough time for Max, having to adapt to school and eventually college life; he studied Music and Natural Biology, the studies of wilderness, natural life and animals. During this time when all of his peers would be out partying on weekends, Max would be outside with his adopted father, studying and appreciating the world around him, He was always quite the intelligent boy but he did well to hide it. On the 25th June 2014, Max's adopted father passed away; His father served as a soldier in the U.S Army and had many links across the world to old friends who seemed to disperse at the end of their service, this really traumatized Max as the man who he considered to be his best friend was gone... Upon receipt of his 'Fathers' last will and testament everything was left to Max; At the bottom of the will, in elegant curved handwriting was a request. "Hello Max, What an Amazing young Man you have turned out to be, I assume that if you are reading this, I am now dead but don't worry Maxi (this was the nickname his father gave to him) Your Mothers up here and we're happy once again, but before I leave your life for good, I must ask that you do one thing for me. During my time in the military and more specifically the Iraq War, I had met a friend, his name was Bill. Now once day when we were out on patrol, Bill here saved my life after we came under contact, I promised him I would get him back one day. So you see the packet that came with this note? I want you to take the packet and open it, you should find a key in there, thats the key for my lock-up. I want you to go to my lockup and collect the rifle which has been decommissioned and the letter that accompanies it and take it to Bill. The only problem is, Bill moved out to Europe quite some time ago, more specifically Chernarus; I'm not sure where he may be but hey... how hard can it be finding an american in Russia right? haha." With no leads, no idea of who this Bill was and only a photo that Max found inside of the envelope Max decided that out of respect for his Fathers wish, he would do so... I mean, whats the worst that could happen? *Just a few notes here; in the section where Bill states "how hard can it be finding an american in Russia, this is a colloquialism, I am aware that the infection is not in Russia; it is a simple play on Chernarus being close to a Slavic country*
  2. Read the rules and Newcomers guide out-loud, its the easiest way to detect if something maybe 'out of place'
  3. No from me. I agree with the notion that SOME people do abuse third person perspective, but that really only counts for the PvP situations; personally I like seeing my character's actions and stuff; I appreciate the game and its beauty that way.
  4. xMarrk

    Things that DayZ should have and Public apocalypse compared to DayZRP.

    Personally I've come to accept that there are many people on this server that are new to Role-Play as a paradigm and as such, my experience from many a role-play session has been very much PvP with some chit chat. Although there are most likely MASSES of people who do hold conscious for the role-play side of things, Unfortunately with a community this big its always difficult to get a good feel for role-players and generally people go 3 ways. 1) They learn from their mistakes. 2) They don't and get banned. 3) They just get bored because they find it stale. I would suggest that there are many a person who provides good quality role-play whilst ensuring that all parties can find it enjoyable but unfortunately there appears to be many people who simply just enjoy the PvP aspect of things and as such you will see them as regular names or hear them as regular voices when it comes to initiations and character deaths. Personally Im enduring it, because as the Waves go through, the bad will filter out and the ones that remain are the potential future for DayZRP I can see why you would make these points, however we cannot dictate what is 'realistic' or not as that is an argument that can be made for virtually anything in DayZ in its current state, both that and the fact that we can't also make assumptions on what is realistic to an 'apocalypse' as all we have been exposed to is Media (movies, other games etc.). Perhaps the survivors round the campfire situation are holding on to whatever form of hope within society that is left? If you ask me there's an abundance of bandits. Sure, people aren't going to be 'hunky dory' after being exposed to the situations present in the lore, but more often than not many would use this as an opportunity to re-build in the best way possible... take for example... every zombie movie ever... sure you got your bad guys, but for the most part its people just trying to do what they can with what they have... which in itself is indicative of the 'friendly' people, I wont say 'just go play public' as that isn't too constructive however what I will say is be more open to the various role-play styles and characters you will meet, of course no one asks you to role-play with EVERYONE you see or meet but you never know... one of the campfire role-players could save your characters life. tl;dr - Be more open to the vast differences in role-play styles, its a broad spectrum and the neutral survivors will just be doing what they can with what they have... basic human morals don't change in a year or so... for some.
  5. xMarrk

    What are your RP pet peeves?

    1) People sprinting around DURING role-play situations (i.e, sprinting 5 meters to go to a water pump) 2) People asking for straight up ID (even when you're alone...) 3) People asking how you got to chernarus IMMEDIATELY 4) People playing psychopaths that only exhibit psychopathic behaviors when they CHOOSE to. 5) People who don't research their characters mentality as well as mental issues, making for extremely drole role-play. 6) People who make excuses to initiate on you. (I.e "you look suspicious" just because you are standing there) 7) People who think that we are REQUIRED to role-play with EVERYONE we meet. 8 ) Those who spend more time talking in Team Speak than in-Game. 9) Those who automatically assume that your character knows everything about every weapon and ammunition in-game. 10) Those who use the words "looting", "gear", "Pristine,Damaged,Worn,Ruined in reference to items" or any Item Tooltip Name. (i.e I had someone come up to me asking why I had an 'Improvised Courior Backpack' instead of a 'Tortilla Backpack' ... I should stop now.
  6. xMarrk

    DayZRP Rolle Interview LIVE STREAM! [Finished]

    I'll have my stream mods fwd me questions in Teamspeak, I prefer questions to be asked in stream chat. Alright fair enough; looking foward to it tonight
  7. xMarrk

    Gone a few days

    Get well soon Levent matey
  8. xMarrk

    medieval battle

    I would probably join with a mace... time to smash some skulls! (Ref - Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles)
  9. xMarrk

    DayZRP Rolle Interview LIVE STREAM! [Finished]

    I prepare the questions beforehand in a notepad, and after I ask all of my questions, the chat will be able to ask their own questions. Makes the interview more interactive. Also, I would recommend taking questions through TeamSpeak private chats, itll make them a hell of a lot easier to identify rather than having to scroll up and down through the twitch chat which no doubt will be full of irrelevances and banter! Spotted the guy who wants to be staff No-No, I'm still learning how DayZRP operates myself; It's just friendly banter Yo! It'll happen to anyone
  10. xMarrk

    DayZRP Rolle Interview LIVE STREAM! [Finished]

    Man, Face-cam Too? You know you shouldn't be showing that Body of Adonis you have, it makes the community jealous of those gains !
  11. xMarrk

    Leaked scene of new Jason Bourne movie

    My everything hurts...
  13. Ahaha, yeah im sure it'll get em talkin', just try not to drop it eh? *just to let you all know I dont intend to use these in-game... not my character *
  14. Interesting; so, how do the 'slaves' end... how does their story come to an end? Is there an eventual release or more of a wait for them to mess up scenario ?
  15. So, once again I find myself pondering various aspects of Role-Play that both I personally have experienced and/or took part in. This time its Banditry and the Scare Tactics Bandits use! Obviously at DayZRP there are many people playing the part of the bandit, perhaps this is reflective of a 'balanced' economy in DayZ, I mean... there's always a 'bad' guy in every story right? So working on this thought has led me down a few different roads; now its time for the community to discuss it. We all understand that when you're the victim of a robbery or hostage situation more often than not you will be met by 1 to possibly 9-10 guns in your face whilst the questioning is on-going... which of course for the characters with a staunch moral compass is a terrifying situation, however what about the other means of 'extracting' the things you want, we all know torture is of course a go to... but how many other creative ways are there that we can use to get what we want; of course what im looking for is decently thought out ideas and prospects that ensure that whilst frightening, they still allow the 'victim' to enjoy the natural course of roleplay. So the question of the day is :- What other 'Scare' tactics do you use to get what you want? We all know the obvious ones... firing shots at the feet, pointing the weapons yadda yadda... but in many situations the spoken word can be a powerful weapon... so let your imagination run wild and tell me how YOU get what you want out of your hostage. *Take Note :- All points of discussion should be both relevant and enjoyable for all parties involved (i.e the Victim as well).*
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