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  1. Hello everyone! I joined back in 2016 and had such a fun time with all of you! Real life caught up with me and I had to take a step back from DayZ, but now I'm eager to jump back in. I've spent the better part of today re-reading the changes and updated lore! I can't wait to see you all in game! ? -JayJr
  2. @Wong Chernarus could always use a blind-lawyer!
  3. I think anyone who actually gives a crap about the community would fully read and understand the rules. I often find myself going back and re-reading the rules to make sure I understand what they mean. Not only that, other more "veteran" players have been very kind and helpful when I ask 'noobish' questions regarding rules or situations. I know that mistakes will happen in and out of game, we're human after all. But if you blatantly and repetitively break the rules of the community you should face the consequences. It's not the community's responsibility to force reading the rules down new members throats. It's up to the new members to understand that, "You must follow and understand these or leave".
  4. Sounds great! To have a place to speak directly to staff would be helpful to a lot of new members like myself.
  5. My luckiest moment has to be when I climbed 4 stories in an apartment, walked to the balcony to check if there were any people nearby. Accidentally walked forward. I screamed all the way to the bottom. Landed. Stood up and walked away. Didn't even mess up my boots.
  6. Walking through the woods near the Airfield Jay hears his radio crackle to life. Pushing the PTT Jay cleared his throat. "Aye Saint Nick, Jay here. Lemme get a pack of smokes, a burger and fries." Jay pauses for a moment. "OH! YEAH! And a ---" The radio crackles violently with the screams of the dead, before going silent.
  7. While I agree it would make users think twice before interacting in hostilities, as well as how they act as a hostage. I think it should wholly be up to the user. For someone like myself (personally) who had to dedicate some time to crafting a background/character, I'd be somewhat annoyed that a hostile interaction gone-wrong had erased my character. I understand that people can/will just copy and paste a new character but all the experiences my character had up until that point would still be out of the window. I do like @Katzevon's idea regarding an injured rest period. You get into a skirmish/captured and tortured, it should take some time to recover (especially if you have a group where you can engage in internal RP).
  8. How about "The Un-Infected", I know it seems like a pretty general term for everyone. But you say you live among the dead so I thought it would be a clever idea. Or Perhaps "The Spectres" since you like to live in the shadows.
  9. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. It seems like a good idea, but at the same time I agree with the other's who think that salt would "over-season" the voting system. A group of randoms have a poor encounter with a larger group, and downvote based on emotion.
  11. Just had a new one happen to me, I was in a city with a lot of Zombies around. I caught one's attention and decided to dispatch him with my rifle. I clicked once and lag proceeded to unload the entire magazine into this one zombie. I turned around and the horde was in full pursuit.
  12. (I really hope I don't get flayed alive for making a thread) Although I am unable to currently purchase the game at the moment, I am somewhat fascinated by it and will probably be purchasing it in the very near future. My question is in regards to the backgrounds of races/types of people in our current Lore/LiF world. For example, are there Vikings? Can there be Vikings? Pirates? Tribal people? Magic? Can you make up your own race (E.g. Bretons, Nords)? Are we all just men and women from the middle ages as a whole? Is this similar to Elder Scrolls, where people come from vastly different areas? (not to the extent of lizard people, I realize we should try to conform to the character models) For a comparison, in DayZ we all come from the "real" world. So anything we have currently in real life (Doctor, Lawyer, Farmer, Soldier, Black, White, Asian, Latino) could potentially be on Chernarus to a certain extent. However, with a fictional fantasy land, it seems difficult to determine what would actually fit or not. I just don't wish to be that guy, who creates a Pirate. Then have someone OOC "//Pirates don't exist in this world..." Or a Viking and be returned with OOC "//Vikings are a real world historical group of warriors, we don't have those in LiF.." Or 'I am from a race of people know as the "Lederhosen" from the faraway land of Eamoreron!' OOC "//No you are not..." After reading the Lore, I understand that it is quite heavily a work-in-progress so maybe I am just too ahead of myself. Perhaps there is a Loremaster out there shouting "GIVE US TIME DAMMIT!" This is all simply to help me (and perhaps others?) better understand the current details of the land. I'm all for whatever the Loremasters say, I'm just trying to think up ideas for a character on the server at the moment and apart from Peasant Man, I don't know what else would be deemed appropriate to the lore and to the game in general. Please forgive me if this thread has been posted incorrectly, or if there is already a guide/lore somewhere showing me what an ignorant person I am. Or if it's as simple as "KNIGHTS NERD! NOW GTFO!" Thank you so much for taking the time to read my query, and I hope to meet you all soon in game!
  13. My most peaceful moment was when I first encountered Blackwood(When they were still around). It was actually my first time interacting with a large group of people who weren't hostile from the get go. They welcomed me in, a lot of conversations were had, members were running about joking and laughing, and I even had some food cooked for me. Suffice to say I was in heaven!
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