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  1. kev772

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    i have nothing to hand right now but will make a example and post it on here
  2. kev772

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    Hi I was a Combat medical Technician in the British army we used to do medical training with soldiers playing casualties with various injuries and wounds for the exercises (the soldiers where made up with the injuries lots of fake blood too) we used to give them cue cards with how to act out the injuries, you could have cards made up and put online on the website for members to download and print out as needed with different injuries and wounds and a brief description how to act out the injury for the RP online and a picture too, sorry if this has been suggested before only just been whitelisted
  3. Hi Just been whitelisted so hope see you all soon on the servers
  4. do you have to do all the steps to get whitelisted in one go or can you log out and come back another day to complete the steps that have not been done are the pass phrases you find only valid for that day or longer sorry if this has been asked before but did did not see it in the forums
  5. hi mature gamer here from the UK just saying hi