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  1. I grew up as a farmer in Mishkino, that is until the shit hit the fan. It started with my daughter, what seemed like a normal fever, until she began to forget how she got places and was "sleepwalking' quite often. This disturbed me and she began to transform into someone else, something else. One night I woke up to the sound of her moaning and scraping the at the door. I did everything I could, but there was nothing I could do but the obvious choice. Soon after it seemed like the place was rampant with people who had this illness. My wife, who was a nurse at the time, was recruted to work at a nearby medical outpost while I continued to try to provide for my family. A few weeks after, a swarm invaded the refuge, they had no chance. This leaves me where I am now, my two boys and a grandson and a few frineds i have picked up along the way fending for ourselves in a world without law.
  2. Thank guys for all the support??? See you in cherno!!
  3. Im a new player... i read all the rules and stuff anything else i should know before playing??? thanks and have a good time rping