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  1. Michael Whyte

    Michael Whyte was born on June 9th, 1984 in Los Angeles to a mom and dad who he never truly got along with. It’s not like he hated them or anything, they just never agreed on anything. His childhood wasn’t horrible, not nearly as bad as some peoples, but he never did anything, it was always boring. He wanted to get out of that house as soon as he could, which led him to talk to a USMC recruiter at the ripe age of 18. He signed his contract as an Infantry Machine Gunner (MOS 0331). He said his goodbye’s to his mom and dad and was off to Boot Camp. Upon arriving at MCRD in San Diego, he instantly had DI’s yelling at him, which shocked him at first. He wasn’t used to being screamed at, especially not for no reason. Although sent into a shock, Michael quickly followed orders. Now Michael wasn’t weak by any means, but he wasn’t the Hulk either. The following 13 weeks were in no way, shape, or form easy. He was constantly sleep deprived, malnourished, and struggling to pay attention. He was pushed beyond his limits physically, he was mentally tested, and morally shaped from just a human, into a Marine. Graduation day was the best feeling he’d ever had. Although his family didn’t show up, he wasn’t upset at that at all. He was just proud to have endured such a struggle of training, and even more proud to finally be a United States Marine. It wasn’t long before he received orders for his first deployment to Afghanistan. He was assigned his M249, and told he was to man the MK19 on the HMVEE while out on patrols. Man was it fun, the MK19 was a blast to shoot, watching to dirt fly up when the grenade hit the ground. He got off luckier than most Marines, never having any “confirmed kills” only ever shooting in the direction of a threat. The thought of possibly having killed somebody crossed his mind, but was quickly drowned out with the thought of “It was me or him”. After 6 years of service were up, he decided that he’d seen enough action. He got out, continued his life as normal getting an office job, but soon realized that just wasn’t him. He was good with numbers and information, but he wasn’t suited to sit at a desk all day. He’d much rather use his skills to keep serving his country, so he got a degree and decided to try and join the CIA. Surprisingly, he actually got a return call saying to come in for an interview. He blew that interview out of the water, and was quickly sent to go train. Training wasn’t extremely difficult, more mental training than anything else. Being extremely good with numbers, he thrived at anything technical, quickly advancing to the top of his class, he graduated there too. In fact he graduated with such a high grade, the first job he was assigned to was one not many people knew about. He was sent to South Zagoria to work for Number Station E98 as a Logistics Specialist in 2010 to work with a team.
  2. *Aaron shakily picks up his radio, holding the PPT he talks nervously* "Jordan, if you are out there I need to find you. I-well there's something following me. I don't know where you are or if you are even still alive but I'm going to find you." *Quickly releases PTT*
  3. Aaron Rainey

    I was born in sunny Los Angeles, California to a Father in the Navy and a stay at home Mother. I have a brother who's only a few years older than I, and for the most part we always got along pretty well. We had mostly the same interests, which made it easy to get along. Life was great, I had plenty of great opportunities growing up due to my Father's career, and I'm thankful for the life I had growing up. Every since I was little I always had a few interests that never changed; Medical, Military, Motorcycles, and Firearms. When I was 18, my Brother and I decided to both get motorcycles so we could ride together, and man was it great. Nothing quite gets your adrenaline rushing like going 110 down the freeway. One day my Brother and I were out on a ride, and a car decided to pull out in front of my unexpectedly, sending me flying forward onto the asphalt, landing on my back. Even with full gear on, I still got tore up, I had a huge gash stretching all the way across my lower back and needless to say, my bike was ruined, that may have been the worst part.