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  1. *Aaron shakily picks up his radio, holding the PPT he talks nervously* "Jordan, if you are out there I need to find you. I-well there's something following me. I don't know where you are or if you are even still alive but I'm going to find you." *Quickly releases PTT*
  2. Aaron Rainey

    I was born in sunny Los Angeles, California to a Father in the Navy and a stay at home Mother. I have a brother who's only a few years older than I, and for the most part we always got along pretty well. We had mostly the same interests, which made it easy to get along. Life was great, I had plenty of great opportunities growing up due to my Father's career, and I'm thankful for the life I had growing up. Every since I was little I always had a few interests that never changed; Medical, Military, Motorcycles, and Firearms. When I was 18, my Brother and I decided to both get motorcycles so we could ride together, and man was it great. Nothing quite gets your adrenaline rushing like going 110 down the freeway. One day my Brother and I were out on a ride, and a car decided to pull out in front of my unexpectedly, sending me flying forward onto the asphalt, landing on my back. Even with full gear on, I still got tore up, I had a huge gash stretching all the way across my lower back and needless to say, my bike was ruined, that may have been the worst part.