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  1. Jack-Spade

    NATO Contact Frequency 88.8Hz [UNSECURE]

    *SSgt. Joe'Bavio III Answers Warrant Officer Reynolds* "This is Staff Sergeant C. Joe'Bavio, 2d Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment,1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division Sir!" *SSgt. Joe'Bavio III Releases the Push to talk.*
  2. Jack-Spade

    NATO Contact Frequency 88.8Hz [UNSECURE]

    *SSgt. Joe'Bavio hears the Communication and runs over to his radio and puts on his headset* "This is Jack 4-1 Actual calling Gambler!.... Come In Gambler!.... Be advised all other teams Queen, King, Ace are KIA." "If you are reading me what are my orders? Please respond!" *SSgt. Joe'Bavio takes off his headset and waits for a response*
  3. Jack-Spade

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    I am glad your powers of observation are immensely powerful.
  4. Jack-Spade

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    Great Idea for a group, I like your art and lore alot!
  5. Jack-Spade

    Sanctuary [Post lore wipe]

  6. Jack-Spade

    Sanctuary [Post lore wipe]

    And also @Beni your comment, although it is just your opinion... it was not constructive in the way to help improve the group from a 3rd party point of view making it more banter rather then constructive criticism. That is what rose was stating.
  7. Jack-Spade

    Sanctuary [Post lore wipe]

    @Beni Someone is angsty, I suggest you calm down a bit, there is no need for that language it is very disrespectful. "If you do I will have to report you." although you do make a good point, There is nothing wrong with having a survivor group that does scavenger runs, radio station, farming, ect.
  8. Jack-Spade

    Doc? Doctor Pisces are you there?... (Open Freq)

    *Jack would begin to pace around the room, as if he was trying to find the words to say* **He presses his PTT and begins to speak** "I heard what Loscham has been doing, I think it is time to end this madness." *Jack pauses to give himself a moment before asking something that is very hard for him to ask* "I need to find him and end it, do you know his whereabouts?" *Jack releases his PTT and stares at the gun shaking in his hand.*
  9. Jack-Spade

    Doc? Doctor Pisces are you there?... (Open Freq)

    *Jack sips a crudely brewed cup of coffee, he sets the cup down, straps on his prosthetic arm, and pulls out his journal to read the statements again.* **Jack begins to think to himself as he reads through the journal "God Loscham... What happened to you..."** ***Jack presses his Push to talk button on the side of his walkie and pauses a moment to compose himself before he speaks... He then begins to speak.*** "Doctor Hope Pisces.... If you are listening to this please answer, This is Jack Spade, and I need your help." *Listens a moment to the static trying to hear a response, but suddenly thinks "Loscham may be listening..."* **He releases the PTT and awaits a response.**
  10. Jack-Spade

    Altar AM 99.7 [Open Freq.]

    *Jack Tunes into 99.7 and hears the man talk* *Jack Presses his PTT* "Welcome to the wasteland Jimmy Craft I am your Ace in the hole host Jack Spade and I broadcast on 87.8 The Grave, Welcome to the wonderfull Trade of music and news!" *Jack Releases his PTT*
  11. Jack-Spade

    Shut down S2

    S2 was down for an entire day yesterday and it only reached 33 people, that should go to say the 15 plus people who were on last night on S2 could not join or refused to play on the bad connection
  12. Jack-Spade

    • Jack-Spade
    • bucketfan4life

    Thank you for the beanz mate

    1. bucketfan4life


      Think  nothing of it. You actually made a sound argument and one that I agree with, the people usually on S2 would be on S1 if what the people say is the case. There are people who play S2 and will always play and prefer S2 as long as it's up.

  13. Jack-Spade

    Shut down S2

    Actually There is an effect but it is not noticeable in a first person perspective as explained in the post above and for example someone states -Put your hands up or you die!- if you have 300+ ping you will keep walking on their screen for a few extra seconds, End Result -You are dead!- it wont effect the game itself but your response time. S2 is down at the moment and only 40 people or so are playing on S1. That should say something right there that out of the 23,098 members with 250 to 300 who are online at a single instant. S1 should be packed if my math is correct but people who cannot connect and / or have bad latency issues.
  14. Jack-Spade

    Shut down S2

    I get major gear lag on S1; For example, When you are moving stuff from your backpack to another location and / or picking up loot it take on average about 3 extra times dragging the item before the server catches up and loads, considering your ping = 300 and and on average a server in your area is around 50 - 60, it will take people who are not in the server area and / or do not have decent internet A.K.A. Google Fiber about 6 mili-seconds causing them to catch up to actual server speed to where they can continue responding. A lot can happen in the time it takes to catch up, so lets say you are initiated on on S1, people on average shoot a person between 3 to 5 seconds of not responding because of the ping that they have. I get 570 ping on S1 That is 9.5 mili-seconds to respond. which is why myself and so many other groups play on S2 and not for gear. Please consider the many who play on S2 are actually playing there to play at a human rate.
  15. Jack-Spade

    87.8 The Storm -Radio, Music, News- (Open Frequency)

    *Jack sits down in his chair about to do a broadcast, when he looks out the window and sighs.* *He pulls out a pack of Marshals Menthol Cigarettes and packs the pack.* *As he begins to light a cigarette he begins to think about his wife and kids (Long Deceased).* "I wonder if anyone is listening to my broadcast..." *Jack pauses a moment* "It doesn't matter, i'm not doing this for myself, its for the people out in the wastes." *Jack, With a determined look on his face flips the switch on the microphone and begins his broadcast.*