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  1. I had a great time running with @groovy patz , @groovy clarence , @groovy vnp & @groovy grimm and getting to know their characters a bit before running into @MasonWB and some more people in Kozlovka that I don't know their names on here. It was definitely an interesting encounter we had. Hope to run into everybody involved again soon.
  2. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna stay away from Zombies around buildings now lol On a serious note, I can see people getting annoyed with that, especially if you get stuck on doors and zombies are beating you up. Super excited to jump in game for the winter map though, I've been waiting for this.
  3. I enjoyed having @Ricicles tag along with us today. Hope to run into you again soon.
  4. Taya Benes POV: Our group just finished some role play with a hostage we took in Komarovo. As we were about to leave town, a Truck full of people drives past us from the direction of Balota and comes to a stop. The group gets out and starts running towards us. Knowing we are outnumbered, we continue to head out of town, into the treeline. The whole group sitting in the truck previously keeps chasing us all the way up in the woods apart from the driver, who was chasing after us in the truck. The truck eventually catches up to me, the driver gets out and some more people arrive from the chase and start talking to me, telling me to go back to the truck so we could chat. Because of them throwing around insults and being hostile, I told them I would not want to go with them multiple times, hoping they would let me go. Eventually G19 says something along the lines of "Alright, I'll take the bait" and initiates on me while I am being surrounded by the group. I am doublemicing on the radio that my hands are going up to let my group know I've been initiated on, which gives them defender rights. They tell me to drop my backpack and my gun, which I do, and to follow the truck which is headed back to Komarovo. During me being a hostage, I counted 7 of them jogging with me and one person driving the truck. While we are jogging down the hill, he says something like "I hope they take a shot at us so we can have a nice little fire fight." As we get closer to the town, he mentions that I better dropped my radio before as he told me to. All I could recall at that time was him telling me to drop my backpack and gun before we made our way down the hill, so I told him that that is the only thing he said. He mentions that he told me to drop my radio as well and that if I still have it on me when they search me, I will die. (He also mentions that I didn't hear it because I asked them something, which at the time of him saying that had me confused because I didn't remember asking anything when dropping my backpack and gun.) So he asks if I have it on me and I go to say "Yes, but-.." and get shot before I could even finish the sentence or am being searched for anything. After that incident, I find out that @Hofer was watching it all unfold in free-cam and has a recording of that situation. I told Hofer that I didn't hear them telling me to drop my radio on the hill. Turns out they didn't. Hofer then tells me they told me to drop my radio once shortly before we reached the house I was killed at, but never made me actually stop and drop it so it must have gone over my head. That is when I ask them for a drink, so I assume that is what G19 meant when he said I didn't hear it. Seeing as I was compliant the entire rest of the incident and didn't pose any threat to them, I don't think it was necessary to kill me that fast. I had no time to explain myself nor did they actually bother to search me for a radio. Since I died right there, I wasn't present for the incident OP is reporting. Just here to give an insight on what was leading up to the situation. - Edit: Adding to the accusations of me "baiting" or "not valuing my life": 4.7 You are not allowed to bait other players. Baiting is the act of provoking, insulting or acting in an offensive manner unsuitable to the roleplay situation at hand, with the aim of getting the other party to initiate on you. At any point in that situation the group could have walked away from me or let me go. I said "Or what?" once while G19 was next to me ranting and shouting, he had no gun out (but I did) and we were alone when I was asked to accompany him to the truck. Shortly after the rest of the group roll up beside us and G19 continues to speak about me being with the Chernarussians etc. Insinuations of rape then come forward and by this point I felt like I’d like to leave the situation so ICly I said something along the lines of "I think I’d like to leave bec.." then I got cut off with shouting and laughter before ICly being told that I was "baiting". An initiation was then dropped and I complied due to being heavily outnumbered. I don't see how that would be baiting or NVFL when all I did was trying to roleplay out the situation and get away from those people, being scared I would get killed/raped if I would go to the truck with them.
  5. Welcome, I hope you are having a good time here.
  6. Welcome, I hope you are having a good time here.
  7. Pre-Outbreak Taya was born in Voronovo, where she was raised by her father. Her mother died to cancer when Taya was 4 years old. When she was 16, they moved to South Zagoria where Taya's grandparents lived. While Taya's father, Stanek, was very loving, he didn't know how to raise a girl properly and brought her with him on trips that usually only boys would go to. Her father taught her how to run everything around the farm they had, brought her along to his hunting trips and taught her how to shoot his guns. Shortly after moving to South Zagoria, Taya got an internship at the school in Zelenogorsk and decided to start an apprenticeship as secretary there . But before she could finish that, the civil war took place and Taya decided to fight alongside her father, protecting her country and the people close to her. One day, Taya's father got shot twice in his left leg. There was no way to get him to a safe place for medical treatment and regardless of everything Taya tried to stop his bleeding, due to her little medical knowledge, she didn't succeed and Stanek died in her arms, just days before the war ended. Her anger and hate towards the Chedaki grew bigger every week after her father died but being alone now with only her grandparents around, she needed to focus on them and not let her rage lead her to dumb decisions. A year after the civil war, she decided to go back to her birthplace and continue where she left off, trying to live a normal life. With both of her grandparents passing away in that year, she needed to get away from that place that brought her so much pain. Post-Outbreak During the outbreak, Taya stayed in Voronovo to help protect the people living there. While it was chaotic and dangerous and the number of survivors in town grew smaller every day, the town eventually got safe enough to live there. Having walled off some buildings and the well in town, Taya had a safe place to return to. She was traveling around a lot and sometimes disappeared for days, even weeks while hunting and scavenging. One day, when she returned back home after being gone for almost a week, she found her home raided, and most of the people she cared about dead. A note was laying on the ground in between some dead bodies. "go east" was written on the note in chernarussian. Taya waited for a couple of days to see if any survivors might have been hiding nearby and would return, but nothing. She started packing up her belongings, closed up everything behind her and as she turned her back to the gate, a group of men walked up on her. It was a group of chernarussians lead by a man called Mikhail Barta. Those men were making their way from Takistan back to South Zagoria and offered her to travel with them since she was heading in that direction anyway. During their journey, Taya was glad to have met a bunch of like minded people that fought on the same side as her in the past and are still fighting for something. While they were getting closer to South Zagoria, where she lost her father because of the Chedaki, her anger came back and she decided to stick around and help these men, trying to avenge her father's death while hopefully finding some of her people that fled their camp back home.
  8. Sounds good in theory, hopefully it's gonna be as intended in game.
  9. Gia King POV: We arrive at Kabanino and hear a bunch of shots. As we go further into the town, I hear a couple of snaps coming our way and call it out so people are aware. Already being on edge, we see Norway standing next to a car, I think he was looting a dead body, not sure though. He sees us and immediately starts running away from the group after the guys attempt to talk to him. I am told on the radio that we are gonna initiate, so as Joah initiates, I do too but must have been still on whisper from before to not yell around when I'm talking on the radio. I didn't realize until I saw the clip, so yeah, I fucked up there and apologize for my stupid mistake. I see Norway turning and raising his gun so I go to raise mine as people are already shooting. I start shooting and end up hitting a already dead, dropping body.
  10. Who let you back in here? jkjk ok
  11. Missed you, too, man. Things have definitely changed in the past 2 years but I still had a good time in game the last couple days. I'm glad you are having a good time here.
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