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  1. Fox


    It's pretty smooth. Had a passenger for like 5 minutes and no issues, that's all i can tell so far.
  2. Fox

    Gamblers Media Thread

    Also awesome from my perspective https://clips.twitch.tv/failingfriendly/MotionlessEchidnaHeyGuys
  3. Fox

    Characternames not showing / Can't view my characters

    Thank you.
  4. Fox

    Characternames not showing / Can't view my characters

    It's fixed, thank you. Characternames underneath the avatar are still not showing tho
  5. Fox

    Characternames not showing / Can't view my characters

  6. Fox

    Characternames not showing / Can't view my characters

    So, I was gonna edit some stuff on one of my characters and this is what I came across. I can't see the names of my characters or access the characterpage itself, apart from directly editing it. I asked Riggsee and he had the same issue, thought I might wanna mention it here. Any fix for that on my side or does @Rolle have to fix that? Edit: Just noticed, the charactername underneath the avatar is not showing either on the forums.
  7. Fox

    Carry on the One Word Story thread

  8. Fox


    Pretty much everything has been said already, just throwing in my 2 cents. TextRP can ruin your immersion, yeah. So can RP in Voip. It really depends who you meet. It can make me feel uncomfortable having to wait for people to type everything out but that's an issue on my side I guess. I've met some great text RPers, like @Autumn, whose character would only talk to people he trusts. I've spent several weeks RPing with mainly him and he gave me some great character development with only using emotes until he finally talked to me using voip. I've met some people that can easily jog along with you, stop and type, and then catch up with you. And you wouldn't have to stop. I see where you are coming from but punishing people for doing something their character requires to do or they chose to do because it makes them feel more comfortable is simply wrong.
  9. Fox

    Gamblers Media Thread

    Good campfire RP session.
  10. Fox

    Radio chatter rules gone too far?

    I agree with you. I got points for calling someone a retard and "going OOC" in radio chatter because I apparently knew that the person I talked to died the day before and I threatened him with killing him again, when I actually had no clue he died and I was a hostage during the whole sitation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . But " Before you fuckers decide to talk shit. go fuck yourself, your mothers vagina smells like a cabbage " only gets a verbal warning because hey, OP has made such a long radio chatter, which totally makes up for it. No clue how to act on radio chatter anymore, so I only post when it's absolutely necessary and even then, I say things different from how my character would actually say it. Alot of warnings have been given on radio chatter lately, and don't agree with most of them. Knowing your character ingame, your post was completely fine in my opinion.
  11. Fox

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to @Theseus & @Aardvark at bash today. Loved your RP while @Bruce & @Dustin were trying to kill you and I was getting apples for an unconcious @Hellish.
  12. Fox

    This is Vinnie (Private freq)

    *Val sighs and presses down the PTT* Alright, let me hear some. *She releases the PTT*
  13. Fox

    Bigger Fish to Fry [Gambler Private Frequency]

    *Valentine catches the radio Bruce just tossed to her and presses down the PTT What do you mean with us not associating with Akrasia ever again? The only thing I can offer you is not to help them fighting you guys. I don't want to just turn my back on them after they've helped us out several times. *She pauses for a moment and looks down at her wedding ring, then up to Bruce, and smiles* Also, IF anything comes out from that, you better make sure we are nowhere near Akrasia if you start shit with them. Makes it easier for both of us to avoid conflict. I hope we can get to an agreement here. *She releases the PTT and turns down the volume of the radio before tossing it to the ground*
  14. Fox

    This is Vinnie (Private freq)

    *Val jumps up to grab her radio again and presses down the PTT* Calm down, Vinnie. No one replaced you. And trust me when I say that.. No one could ever replace you. Now stop bitching around and move your ass down here so I can hook you up with some chicks. *She releases the PTT*
  15. Fox

    This is Vinnie (Private freq)

    *Valentine smiles and presses down the PTT while looking at Bruce, being busy talking to Miller on the radio* Some weight? I can't wait to see that, I'm proud of you, Vinnie. We got another Vinnie running with us but he is pretty.. Uh.. let's just say, I want you back here, so hurry up your ass and come down here. *She releases the PTT and tosses the radio over to her bag, waiting for Bruce to finish his transmission*
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