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  1. S1 NWAF RDM: NO TIME TO COMPLY 21/08/2016 00:10

    Shut it down! I'll be in Vybor if you need me!
  2. S1 NWAF RDM: NO TIME TO COMPLY 21/08/2016 00:10

    If the logs show 20 seconds, then there is nothing to argue about. I had plenty of time. Even though I must say text initiation should be forbidden. It is just a confusion hellhole. Anyway, horrible RP.
  3. S1 NWAF RDM: NO TIME TO COMPLY 21/08/2016 00:10

    I was no part of that group in that sense, I was a bypassed only stopping to trade my gun. I have not harassed anyone. It felt for me a very short period for complying. Almost like you were very trigger-happy, the overall RP in the situation was a joke if you ask me.
  4. Server and location: NWAF North Tents, S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21-08-2016 00:10 Your in game name: Peter Dues Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Arrived at NWAF North Tents to look for some clothes when I met a bunch of people, maybe 5-7 of them. They were all friendly I believe but suddenly I see someone typing in the chat "PUT YOUR HANDS UP"-something like that and before I knew it I was shot in the head. I wish for this report to decide whatever I was given enough time or not, I do not feel like it. My gun was lowered and I was standing still as well. Did not make any hasty actions or movement.
  5. S1 RDM 20:35+- Kabanino

    Just to add to this mess. I was taken fire as well without voice or text initiating in Kabanino at the crossroads. It happened 5 minuter after the shootings. Looks to me a case of panicking shooting at everything.
  6. Is there any UN left? [Open Frequency]

    * Dan initiate his broadcast after hours of standby listening * "Military activity sighted at Kabanino, couple of blue hats claimed to be from the UN" * Dan releases his broadcast button *