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  1. Tomasz Kowalski

    When he heard about outbreak in Chernarus he traveled there in hope of gaining some valuable good that people might have left behind. As he arrived through Russian border he realized that there is no much left in Chernarus. He found himself in the middle of the outbreak separated from rest of the world since there he tries to survive whichever way he can. Tom is good person in general but he can even kill someone when betrayed. Tom usually will do everything for people that he knows and trusts .
  2. Question about Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs

    Are glow plugs still in the game ? I've been playing for a while and haven't noticed single one while finding a lot of spark plugs. Buses are spawning sometimes so there must be way to start them.
  3. No, i don't have any recordings.
  4. In game i was playing desperate person seeking help. Due to game glitches i had hypertermia while being completely soaked for quite long time. Since relogs wouldn't help i tried to jump in the water it didn't helped too. After sometime walking up the stairs nearby place of death my character got broken legs. I didnt fell or anything so it was probably another game glitch. Knowing that my character's death is inevitable beacuse of those glitches i decided in act of desperation to end my life. It wasn't easy decision because i had a lot of valuables things that i got while playing but i think it was the only way. I hope you understand me.
  5. Why now?

    They finally moved on a bit with a game.