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  1. iBstoneyDave


    Dyslexic like a fox! Nice work.
  2. Been a while since I've done one of these, damn. Was out looking for hescos/sandbags/ammo in and around the industrial areas and later around the hills surrounding the military area (sheds...etc...) when I heard a shot, followed by many more shots. I knew V3rtical (Gav is what I know him as) was around the area with me as we roll in the same group and had only seen each other at the docks a few minutes before, so I went for a look. Saw two people on top of a red brick garage type building. There were a hell of a lot of zombies around a body on the ground outside the building. I started clearing them off, got swarmed and had to circle around a few times to avoid being hit. The two people on the building helped clear them from the roof while I took them on on the ground. Approached the two people once it was clear, confirmed it was vertical and some other guy. Vertical was telling me about the guy trying to hold them up and the "other guy" was saying how vertical had saved his life and thanking him. Never got his name but he had a shotgun in his hands and a moisen on his back. We shortly left the base and the random behind. In retrospect we should have gotten his name, maybe the loot logs in the area (is this a thing?) would show who it was?
  3. Ok my bad do those unconscious logs mean the player has 100% died or could they have gotten back up? (Not necessarily relevant I would just like to know for the future). So after his death at Solnichniy he would have re-spawned close to 22:37:07 and I will gladly admit what I said in my last posts comments re-logs is incorrect based on the corrections from Jade. I was wrong to accuse @Puncture of lying in this regard and I apologise, but in my defense I did not have all the facts. Had the initial report been handled with the attention to detail and thoroughness it should have been that (as this appeal has been handled by all sides) then all of this information would have been outlined/discovered in the initial report and saved us all a lot of time. But instead a guilty verdict was (in my opinion) rush out based on two solitary sentences and logs that did not show the full picture. However, this new re-spawn timeline put him very close to the NEAF at the time of the firefight and it should have been clear there was an ongoing firefight. The hit and kill logs from the firefight should back this up as would my witnesses had anyone bothered to call them into the initial report. Ultimately nobody should be able to run into such a situation wearing a rule shield. But I don't see any point in pursuing this line of the appeal any further as it would benefit no one. All I will say in closing is that the initial report was (again in my opinion) not handled properly and hopefully there is a lesson to be learned there. Thank you to everyone for your time spent on this and again my apologies to @Puncture
  4. Thank you Jade. Looking through the logs at 22:21:04 he is killed by another player and the next death log is at 22:49:25 when I shot and killed him. Yet he says the following and posts a video showing him unconscious (no death) when Aiko asked him about the chat logs: In the logs provided there is no sign of a death from anything other then players. Yet he posted a video showing "someone" being killed my zombies near Solnichniy that has no logs to back it up and insists this proves his location/timeline as he presents it. I think it's clear at this point that that evidence is either false or his version of events (in particular his location and timeline of events) is false. TL;DR None of the logs or so called evidence match punctures story (which keeps changing) as far as I can see which could potentially mean he submitted a false report (the original report), lied in a report (the original report), submitted false evidence (this appeal) and lied in this appeal. Unless the staff see's something I do not? It's not everyday I look at game logs.
  5. HERE is a link to my original POV where I explain the situation. I went into good detail here so no need to go over it all again. Can the admins please post full hit, connection and death logs for Puncture for his death in Solnichniy and his respawn after?
  6. So your one minute long video which has no evidence of you talking doesn't tell us much. Also how come there is video of this seemingly meaningless and irrelevant event but none of your death which you felt so strongly about that you posted a report?! And why is the video so short? As per the rules any video evidence you submit has to be full and unedited, which this is not. You've changed your story a few times here pal. Something isn't right.
  7. As you can see from the screenshots I have provided below from the route planner on iZurvive if @Puncture had run straight from Solnichniy directly to the position he died in while taking the most direct route (as the crow flies, across various terrain and despite several obstacles along the way) it would have taken him 19m26s at a dead run the entire time to make the trip. Which seems highly unlikely, especially since he also states he was a Bambi and would have likely had to stop for food/water along the way if he did it at a dead sprint the entire time. EDIT: Also as per the most direct route he would have had to go across Khelm (as well as several other elevations that iZurvive does not account for) which is quite a high elevation and as we all know you cannot run up hills like that in DayZ so it would have slowed him significantly. If we look at the chat logs we have his last message at 22:33:26 and I killed him at 22:49:25. This means that he is claiming he made the trip from Solnichniy to the exact point he died in 12 minutes and 59 seconds exactly. Again when you take in obstacles and food/water and the terrain this makes his story seem even more unlikely. Also as per my original POV in my report (which @Puncture did not contest in any way) he was spotted coming towards us from the area on front of the hangers, around the right hand side of the building (if your facing north like I was when I shot him) and all the way around the back wall to the point at which I shot him. This would mean he had to have came from either the east or north east originally when entering the area which would have taken significantly longer then even the most direct and generous route in my screenshots. I don't believe @Puncture is being honest in his POV and in his answering of @Aiko 's questions.
  8. Hi Aiko, thank you for getting back to me, just FYI you can call me Dave. Yes thats one of the related incidents. There were approx 12-15 people involved over the course of the whole encounter (not exclusive to the firefight, we had been at the airfield RP'ing for many hours). I believe this report was also based around it: HERE
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): HERE Why the verdict is not fair: No proof or evidence of any kind was provided by the accuser. Including nothing to support his assertion that the accuser was not with the hostiles, we have eye witness who were not asked for their POV's and yet the staff took punctures 2 sentences as gospel. Edit: I would also like to point out that I currently have no warning points and have had a relatively clean points history since joining the community and this should have been factored into the verdict. Especially given the lack of evidence against me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: His POV was minimal and had very little detail, why was nothing he said called into question? There is no reason his word should be taken over mine without any evidence to support it, especially while I had witnesses to corroborate my story and he apparently did not, why were the others involved not called for their POV? I will also assert there is no way he could not know there was a firefight ongoing as from my POV was in the building with them. You are taking his word over mine with no evidence to support his version of events. If he had any evidence to back up his POV and prove he was not aware of the firefight (by some miracle) and was not with their group and indeed on his own then I would accept the verdict fully. He does not and as such I do not. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to see this report overturned based on the fact no evidence was provided whereas in my past experiences in this community evidence is usually required. If the invalid kill verdict will not be reversed then I wish to file a counter report of NVFL by running into an active firefight against puncture. What could you have done better?: As I said had the accused provided any evidence to support his claims then I would accept the verdict fully and say that I could have held him up instead.
  10. I don't have any video, relive won't run for me in DayZ atm. But the others can back up my POV if you speak to them. EDIT: Also @Jade is aware of the firefight in question.
  11. Finally got a chance to do this, sorry it took so long. Before I start the POV I just wanted to say that if @Puncture wasn't with the NEAF group/camp at the time I killed him then I do apologies but he was right on top of us during an active (and extremely long) firefight that we were engaged in as discussed in other reports and on TS last night. That being said I'll only stick to whats relevant to this kill in the POV, not the entire buildup to the firefight etc. If more detail is needed let me know. POV: Myself @ToeZ @Mr Anon @nisbo were engaged in a long firefight with the occupants of the North East Airfield (don't know who they are on here so won't tag) for quite a while. We were cracking off AKM's, SKS's, B95's and an M4 with regular and heavy fire throughout. A dude in a dress ran out at us from the front of hanger by the door to the back/side where we were. He went right past @Mr Anon and towards the back right in front of me. He was about to pass me and spot @ToeZ and expose his position. Given that he had spotted Anon (and I had thought me too) and was about to spot @ToeZ and we were fairly certain he was with the hostile group (either trying to flee or spot our positions) I fired one shot with my AKM downing him and followed up with another to ensure he was dead. He died at the back of the hanger building to the side towards the back door.
  12. Dave Stone, or Cpl. Stone as he was previously known was an Defence Forces Ireland (DFI) enlisted man stationed on what he was told was a standard peacekeeping operation in Takistan. Little did he know it was the border towns of Chernarus he was being sent to... ..."I never should have joined. It was stupid, if only I'd held out a little bit longer I could have found a normal job. But with our first on the way Barbara's salary just wasn't enough. Barbara *sighs*, what I wouldn't give to walk with her along the seafront again, to hear her laugh, to hold her, to meet my son. But that was another life, the army was recruiting for the first time since before the recession and we needed the money. Not to mention the benefits, a house, health insurance and free medical care really sound good when your a father to be! Fast forward five months and they've cut your training short and sent you out to aid the UN on some urgent mission. All the veterans are needed here they said, it's just a normal border crisis they said. I'd seen the news, the reports, the horror. If for a second I suspected they were sending us there or how bad it would get I would have deserted. Now here I am, alone, thousands of miles from home with no way of getting back to Ireland, no way to know if my family is alive... ...I have to go on, I have to find a way out, I have to get to them!"
  13. Ok let me address some of those points: I'm not complaining about being contacted by Eagle, but based on what you say above he should not have been involved at all since he's been rolling with the group who reported me and is in a video telling them he is only with them to give them attack rights (or something of that nature, just pointing it out). Also on this and some of the other points you made (I won't bother quoting) you say it's standard procedure. Maybe it would be helpful to the community if these standard procedures were published somewhere to help avoid misunderstandings like this. To be fair I was only trying to point out how confusing it can be for someone on the receiving end of this. As I said a few times, I'm not expecting any type of punishment and nor do I want one handed out. I only wanted the matter addressed and a dialogue on the matter opened. This has been achieved to an extent I suppose.
  14. Hi Rolle, if you look at the thread again you will actually see that the report was posted at 10:31pm on the 31/05/2016 and I was banned at 11:18am on the 01/05/2017 which means I was banned in 13 hours or so. In regards to what I said about it being heavy handed this was because of what I perceived at the time to be an unnecessarily high level of attention from the staff to the post (again PM'd by Eagle, called in by Spartan and banned by Jamie all within 13 hours). In my defense here the only PM's I've previously gotten regarding reports have either been when I was punished for something, warned or by the staff dealing with a report I was in. I've never gotten one from a third party. I was also particularly on-guard/defensive when I got that PM because it was from Eagle who was at the time involved in several reports against us (in one in particular he is heard on teamspeak to the group I was reported by telling them that he was there to provide them kill rights). Now please don't get me wrong here, I am not accusing Eagle of anything or trying to drag him into this, I am only explaining the situation from my point of view. And if you ask yourself honestly, would it not have looked the same to you? What would the answer be? I'm just trying to make the staff team and in particular Jamie understand where I was coming from. As I said in my report I am not trying to just stir shit or anything like that, I just wanted to create an "official dialogue" and get the chance to explain myself and why I thought the post by Jamie was unnecessary. Also as I said in my last reply to Jamie in this report I was sorry if he took offense/thought my post was sarcastic. To elaborate on this "tone" is very hard to convey in text over the internet and I don't always get it right. I don't want to go on an on and be a thorn in everyones side over this so I'll finish with a suggestion and hopefully we can end this on a friendly note. As you can see in the original report and in what I've said about it. I was reported, called in by Spartan, PM'd by Eagle, Banned by Jamie and Verdicted by Elmo. This was extremely confusing and to be fair I think any community member who saw this "proverbial freight train" coming at them would be worried and could make mistakes or misinterpreted the situation (like I will admit I did). So maybe a look at this process or how this happened would be worthwhile. Everything being said I am glad we were able to engage in a dialogue about this and I'm also glad to know that the senior staff are open to proper discourse such as this. And as always if you have any additional comments or feedback for me I will gladly receive it.
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