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  1. Firefight KOS changed?

    Could this apply for @Djrealwolf since he was perma'd for the same thing? And thank you.
  2. Firefight KOS changed?

    I'm glad @Jamie and @Aiko saw the point we were all trying to make and I appreciate it . But I too am curious as to how the rest of the team felt about it, I do understand you have to present a united front but it would be nice to know.
  3. DayZ Beta confirmed - Opinions?

    Can't wait until 2019 when patch 0.63 comes out, bring on the trees!
  4. Firefight KOS changed?

    That's true but I only killed one of them and when the second guy got up from unconscious (after the first firefight died down) I initiated on him (did not shoot) and held him up. We then brought him back to town and patched him up. Once he explained he was not part of it with let him go only for him to be shot and killed by the hostile sniper that killed our members in the first place. I think the above is important to note here, I'm not some sort of KOS rule play monster with a history. If I was I would have shot him again. All that said I won't post anymore in here unless someone wants to ask me a direct question (I have nothing to hide) as I don't want to risk my appeal. Hopefully people have a better idea of what went down now.
  5. Firefight KOS changed?

    I point out in my appeal that you can see at least one of them in footage I posted for a different report (the main firefight) and everyone was told to get out of the settlement by our faction members (this was corroborated through multiple POV's including the op of my report and his friend. There was no assumption on my part that they knew, I was certain they knew.
  6. Firefight KOS changed?

    Can't argue with that. And don't get time wrong, if it had been a reasonable time after the last death/fighting that they came in (say 15+ minutes) I would never have shot them. I think I also confused Gill Fields with a different sniper. There was two, it was actually Dominic Gardens. See dynamic though. What really gets me about this is that while his buddy @Spade was still alive, the other guy had already gotten my name off admins in TS and reported me. Didn't contact me or message me in anyway just a straight up report. You can even hear it the second he gets shot in his video that he says the word "report" in English. That says it all really, they ran in thinking they had a rule shield wrapped around them and now I'm paying for it and can't play tonight or tomorrow and my previously spotless record (fairly spotless anyway) is tarnished :'(
  7. Firefight KOS changed?

    I think you need to re-read the logs Mexi. Look at my post a few pages back which summarises it. Either way it's not consistent with RP or reality to think to yourself "Hmm, 3 minutes have past, guess I can run in" and summarily also dismiss the concerns of your buddy who said it's too risky. Next time I should just run out and get shot by Gill Fields like every single other person who exposed themselves. Also it was the same Gill Fields who killed @Spade after we apologised to him and patched him up. Not me. So yeah, there was definitely an extremely high risk of me getting shot by running up to them to tell them to leave AGAIN.
  8. Firefight KOS changed?

    Thank you for posting that, I was struggling to find similar reports to reference earlier and had to give up and make my appeal anyway. I've edited in a link to your post in my appeal, hopefully it helps. Obviously I have an active appeal so I don't want to go into detail here or jeopardise it but I feel that since people are addressing my report in a public setting that I have a right and a duty to reply: Sorry Jade but this firefight was still very active as you can see by the hit logs from the other report, when I started shooting these guys it was 00:26:28, around 3 minutes after my last friend was shot and killed by a sniper who had overwatch on the whole of Stary Yar and who had previously not at me personally and around 5 minutes before the next person from our group was killed. There simply was no safe way for me to leave that house at the time to investigate these people further. I should not have to run out and risk my life because of the invalid actions of another player. Would me running out to ID them not be both counter to RP, Ruleplay over Roleplay and also a form of NVFL? Hit Logs: 00:23:46 | "Gill Fields SHOT Bubba John by SVD into Chest." 00:23:48 | "Gill Fields SHOT Sam Browne by SVD into Chest." 00:23:56 | "John Richerdson SHOT Ronnie Johnson by SKS_Green into head." 00:23:57 | "John Richerdson SHOT Jack Clarke by SKS_Green into head." 00:23:59 | "Rad Kal SHOT Stevie Johnson by AK101 into Chest." 00:33:56 | "Gill Fields SHOT Rick Bone by SVD into Chest." 00:34:10 | "Gill Fields SHOT Rad Kal by SVD into Chest." 00:34:20 | "Hamish McGregor SHOT Gill Fields by M4A1 into LeftArm." 00:34:24 | "Gill Fields STARTS BLEEDING." 00:36:24 | "Gill Fields STOPS BLEEDING." 01:04:54 | "Dominic Gardens SHOT Fred Spade by b95_Black into head." 01:31:24 | "Gill Fields SHOT Chuck Deuce by SVD into Chest." 01:31:48 | "Hamish McGregor SHOT Gill Field by AK101 into pelvis." 01:31:48 | "Gill Fields STARTS BLEEDING." 01:33:43 | "Gill Fields STOPS BLEEDING." Is Gill Fields going to get the same punishment for not rushing the town and screaming at them in voip or pulse checking them? And my other point begs the question: if I had run out to intercept them while pinned down by Gill Fields & Co and had gotten sniped and subsequently reported them for shooting me would that also be NVFL? Seems like it was a no win scenario and that the staff are focusing on the rules alone and not RP at all. Damned if I did, damned if I didn't.
  9. Tournament

    Was good to have you girls!
  10. Tournament

    Thanks for coming all! Was good fun and great to see so many people in the camp. As the official legal counsel for the 101 I am releasing the following statement about the hostilities after the event:
  11. Ash Clementine Thread

    Congrats Ash!
  12. @Jackfish top quality rp mate, you played out being the vic perfectly!
  13. I'm genuinely not trying to be, but having read it again your right I'll remove it. But I think it was fair to say I was being polite about it.
  14. No Castiel, that's very clearly not what I'm saying at all. You are putting words in my mouth. If you had given what I said proper considering you would have noticed that entire scenario I laid out was specific to vehicles. And I don't know how you drive cars in this game but I drive them looking at the road ahead not at the text area. Don't think I'd be accepting the offer of a lift from you anytime soon given what you said. I like being alive. For the sake of making my point, here is a parody of what you said about my post to illustrate it: "Your basically saying that texting and driving is ok and people who do it should not be held accountable.". I don't disagree with that point of view, as I said what I'm disagreeing with in this thread is the reasons behind these posts being made. As I said, if it had happened to someone else in a report Dusty or Kevin made they wouldn't be complaining about it. And there you go, names. I was't low-key flaming anyone, I'm explaining my position on the subject in the context of who was posting and their reasoning.
  15. I very clearly indicated that I agreed with Rolle's statement and explained why. If that's not good enough then ponder this: Player 1 is in a vehicle, player 2 is initiating on the vehicle Player 1 is focusing all their attention on keeping the laggy piece of crap vehicle on the road because Dayz is coded by nigh incompetent developers. For arguments sake lets say they are doing this in 3rd person (but it could also apply in first). Player 1 will likely be looking at the part of the screen containing the forward half of their vehicle (not paying attention to the very bottom left of the screen looking for size 10-11 font text to pop up (how can anyone do this when driving a vehicle in this game?). Player 2 drops a text initiation while standing to the side of the road/vehicle. Player 1 does not see it. Player 2 starts shooting them with an AK after less than 10 seconds. Player 1 dies, report made...salt...etc... Now VOIP can be difficult to hear over the absolute roar of all of the engines in Dayz currently, but this is totally dependant on audio settings of both players. So there is a chance that had Player 2 initiated with VOIP as well that they would have been heard. But without it unless they have 2 heads and 4 eyes or are driving blind they have next to no chance to notice they were initiated on. So yeah, I think the rule is fine as it is. I'd also like to point out that the same people complaining text initiations only should be enough and the VOIP rule removed are the same people who often abuse the difficult to spot nature of text initiations during moments of others high concentration and focus to get the drop on them in firefights. While still complaining if it's done to them too. Big double standard on their part, as they often tell me: "Stop throwing shit at the wall and hoping it will stick.".