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  1. weirdpanther

    Ask the LoreMasters

    Question: Can you expand more on the UN's involvement, if any, in Chernarus during the initial outbreak. I'm interested in this particular bit: "The Prime Minister declared a state of emergency, requested reinforcements from the United Nations and World Health Organization and had several brief consultations with allied countries." Did those consultations ever amount to anything? Did the UN ever send in coalition forces? I ask because I've seen some folks posting that their characters were prior UN and I was wondering if they were remnants of the UN forces that were involved in the 2009 conflict or if they were part of an aid/relief effort during the outbreak. I'm wondering how many of the 70-100 US troops (depending on the time frame) on loan to the UN would have been sent to aid the country, and if the US would have sent additional joint task force troops to assist in bolstering their meager presence as well? Answer [Fox]: As clearly stated in the lore UN troops did in fact reach Chernarus during the outbreak and provided humanitarian support. The UN relief troops sent during the civil war have all gone back to their according countries and did not stay in Chernarus/South Zagoria. During the Outbreak a handful of US relief troops were present, considering the time it'd took them to get to Chernarus was considerably longer than sending troops from central Europe.
  2. weirdpanther

    Backstory Perspective

    I find anything but third person to be both a pain to read and write. I'm not sure what makes it so cringe worthy for me, but I tend to stick with third person limited or omniscient.