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  1. I have no video evidence POV: I was just at Stary Yar and these traders come up looking to trade a few things. At some point I heard a lot of OOC in in-game voice chat from @Tyeler Zumbi. The one guy @Tyeler Zumbi was running around a lot and running into people. We then ask him to leave and was told if he came back shoot him. I was standing near the side and could see him near the road by Stary Yar. Then @Tyeler Zumbi begins to shoot into camp hitting someone. Then @Mason26 runs out and kills him. Not a whole on my end, due to the OOC I mostly stood by. End of POV
  2. -User has been cautioned for this post.-
  3. Niko Nitoskis POV: As said before, me and the 101 went to the field near VMC and Kab to find the saviours. The RP turned into PVP and as the initiation went on I saw you run out into the field which then one shot was fired at you and you placed your hands up, I figured that you were a random as you didn't look like any of the saviours. So I ran up and explained that you had to get out of here it isn't safe and told you to run out of here, to avoid confusion and make sure that you didn't get into the cross fire, which then you ran away and that was the last time I saw you. I apologize that you got into the cross fire but I thought you got out safe. Cheers
  4. Niko Nitoskis POV: Not a whole lot to say. Was with the group headed towards stary as I heard shots as well as heard that they are ex saviors. We went into the town did a little bit of RP. After RPing for a little bit we were asked to put our hands up which in return initiation happened which I turned around to shoot the person behind me but died in the process. I have no problem for what happened, I enjoyed the tense RP/PvP. Cheers.