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  1. So, I used to play this game like a yr or 2 ago, and my mic wasnt working at the time, but i got banned for underage? what? lmao
  2. Sunny James

    S3: 8-8-16, 9:00Troll RP and suspected underage

    Fair enough So is this solved?
  3. Sunny James

    S3: 8-8-16, 9:00Troll RP and suspected underage

    OK, before I get to my POV, I am the age 16 (02/06/2000). I was running to kab from sobor and saw this two men having some chit chat. (Rick Hunt & Darksnuggles) I run up to them and join their chat. Rick Hunt seemed pretty nice, but on the other hand, Darksnuggles would only talk about taking my pink and white balaclava and had started following me. I ended up giving it to him because I had a green face mask. I ended up leaving them alone and make my way to NWAF. Rick Hunt suspects that I am underage. I have to admit, I do sound underage but I don't want to get banned for people thinking i'm underage. (which i'm not) I think it is fair if you think I sound underage, but please talk to me about it first instead of a complaint.