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  1. I did not know he had his hands up in the air and against all wall at the time and to be fair with all the noise going on in there I believe it would have been possible to discreetly radio someone.
  2. In reply to you saying I was meta gaming this was not meta gaming as he told me everything before you took his radio off him I am very sorry if I worded this incorrectly.
  3. In this post I will be explaining my side of the story. I was collecting supplies in the north/west airfield and talking to my friend Ben Dory over radio. By the time I was leaving the airfield Ben tells me he is being captured and can't speak to me on radio anymore but tells me where he is and to come and try and sort something out. So I travel down to Kabanino and see a warehouse type thing where many people are being held. I approach it and try to explain I am here to bargain for my friend but all the people are shouting and don't listen and point guns at me and tell me to get against the wall. They give me no reason for capturing me and I inform them of my purpose they still keep me captured. The guards talk to us and some people are let free I however am not. They walk us to a inn type of building. Once we enter me and Ben are taken to a room upstairs where Ben is interrogated about his group the horizon movement. Me and Ben try and break free and they threaten us with death. Ben brakes free of his restraints and try to flee he is shot. The group then turn to me and say they want to play with me and begin torturing me I agree to all the OOC requests. Whilst this is happening I do make noises of pain and plee to be let free but find it hard to engage with the rp considering they have no reason to be torturing me. I do not reply to an OOC request in voice chat (I honestly do not know where that has come from). When I start trying to break free I am noticed and shot in the legs. I faint. When i wake up there is a dead body next to me. I can't walk so i take his gear and log off no one was around when i did this. I did not tell anyone of my location, I can not speak for Ben but I am fairly sure he did not either. I don't know why they were shot at and I think the whole report is honestly not very respectable and fuelled by anger and the victims of a RDM trying to blame it on anyone they can! Also please consider I am new to the community if this post is not set out correctly and that me being new I only really knew one other player which is Ben so I couldn't have told anyone my location because I don't know anyone else also my badRP which honestly was very much exaggerated and was only a consequence of others badRP.