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  1. I'm sorry Alex but, doesn't it say in one of your POV's that you guys joined up with Morgan's group, or whatever his name is to then initiate on us? Plus you're the one who did the initiation, granting all of us KOS on you, and the people you teamed up with to initiate on us, I mean, MajorJack's POV basically explains everything. As a final statement, I'd like to say none of us broke any rules in this situation, as clearly proven from everyone's POV's, we only shot after the initiation was dropped obviously granting us clear KOS. So your argumentation shows, if you be threatened by a guy saying that you have to put your weapons down, you have all rights to kill him and everyone else in his group without any answer or speaking. Have i understood that correctly?
  2. Name: Max Ehrenreich Affiliation: N/A Allies: Alex Braun POV: My friend Alex Braun and me met a group of three guys (includes Morgan) near Vybor. They told us, that in Kabanino is a group of opponents. Alex and i decided to help those guys und so we (Alex and the three guys) ran to Kabanino. When we arrived, we saw a group standing in the center of Kabanino. The three guys with us proved, that those are the opponent group. Alex und i decided to face them. Alex approached the group pointing at them with his gun and shouting, that they have to go on the ground and take their weapons down. And without any talking one guy of the oppenent group suddenly shot Alex and the others spreaded out. I also took a hit and i ran into cover to bandage me, because i was bleeding. After i bandaged me, i serached for the enemies using my cover, but a few moments later i got hit und died. In my opinion it was KoS, when my friend Alex was immediatily attacked without any answer from the opponent group.
  3. Server and location:S2 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):aprox. 9:00 22/08/2016 Your in game name:Max Ehrenreich Names of allies involved:Alex Braun Name of suspect/s:unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):none