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  1. Okay, so lets get something straight, what you're saying is you and you allies came into town and your friend in your dynamic approached my friends and pointed his gun at them, demanding they get on the ground and drop their weapons. (an initiation) and you got shot. We validly had KOS rights on you when you initiated on our group. I see no point in this report as no rules have been broken. I think you need to re-read over some rules for future situations. We were all within 500m of your initiation and we were all in a dynamic group in teamspeak, therefore no rules broken, I will not respond unless staff have any further questions. If you wish to talk this out in teamspeak, we are more then happy, as some of us are really not happy with the RP some of you guys displayed up by the church. First of all morgan doesnt belong to our group as we are two me (alex braun) and max ehrenreich. guys with un helmets. The second point is. it doesnt matter if a random guy makes bad rp to you. We cant take responsibility for guy we dont even know..
  2. Name: Alex Braun Affiliation: N/A Allies: Max Ehrenreich. Pov: It was me who was shouting to put your weapons down and get on the ground. But one of you (i guess seamus) jumped over the fence and instantly start shooting at me out the bush. i didnt see any of you get on the ground like you said samantha, because i was shot and got unconsious before i even could see it. If i wanted to kill the guy who jumped over the fence or any one else,i could do it earlier because i had a lot of time, and i wouldnt come so close to your group...
  3. Appologies for the confusion, I mean when they were shooting at you were either you or your friend hit by a bullet they fired or did they miss? No, the bullets hit me and i was unconsious for a few seconds and died instantly after that.
  4. Were either of you hit when you took shots? Are your sure the incident happened at 09:00 server time? (approximately 9 hours prior to this post) I didnt shoot. like i said they started shooting without saying anything. my friend got killed after me, but by another guy. could be a little bit earlier as 09:00 server time. but iam pretty sure it was around 08:00-09:00.
  5. iServer and location: S2, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): approx. 09:00x Your in game name: Alex Braun Names of allies involved: Max Ehrenreich Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NO Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): NO What happend: Me and my friend max ehrenreich, wher in vybor when 1 guy asked us to help him and his group, one of them was hostaged in kabanino. we ran to kabanino and saw the group who hostaged a person, i tryed to tell them to put the weapons down when they instantly shoot at me and max ehrenreich. (MajorJack).