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  1. Just back from being oversea and was thinking about jumping in game. Much excite. Keen to see what's up!


    Browsed the forums...


    I'll be back in Beta.

  2. Escape From Trakov has me hooked!!!!!!!!

    1. Beni


      Is that any good? I've been looking at that recently? Is it still in Beta? 

      Or like closed beta or whatever? 

    2. KronicMunky


      Yeah it's not long into closed beta, it runs really well graphically and i don't even have that good a rig anymore tbh. It's really good, super frustrating though at first. I could say its like this game or that game blah blah but tbh it's unique as fuck and if you give it time it's awesome! Good thing is you don't have to pay £100 or whatever to get into beta, i got the standard edition for £34 and it's perfect. 

    3. Beni


      Yeah I'm probably gonna pick it up tbh, it seems good. I've been getting into more realistic shooter games rather than others...

      Mind you, I can still get a Nuke on COD no sweat. 

    4. KronicMunky


      Me and my brother will be streaming it tonight man (We play as 80's legendary characters Jack Burton and Snake Plissken lol) i'll send a link to you or put it up here somewhere and see for yourself bud! Haha nukes on cod, fucking miss my Xbox360 days YOLOnoscopesftw! 

    5. Beni


      Gone are the days where you were chillin' on party chat with the boys all chillin' on cod jeezh 

  3. KronicMunky

    VDV Quarantine zone?

    I don't understand this thread at all. I vaguely get where you are coming from but at the end of the day it's an IC thing and you should just do some IC things against it if it goes against you or your group. Hey you never know, maybe that's what they want and what they're getting at? Seems like good RP to me. Just find a way to deal with it IC. Don't want them taking your guns? stay away from them. They taken your guns and making you move camp to the south under threat of initiation? then either F2 and accept it or fight back. I'm pretty sure it won't be too hard to find like minded people. However, creating a thread/poll on the issue. What purpose does it serve? Only thing i can see coming from this is either, A) "Something" is done about it OOCly. That in my opinion is not how RP works. It's meant to be somewhat organic like improvisation. B) "Something" is done about it ICly. The way it should be. You either win or you lose. It all serves RP.
  4. KronicMunky

    Naming the disease ICly?

    Personally i would name the disease based on how it works. the shorter the infection time then the more aggressive the virus is. A virus with a VERY short incubation period would generally mean that the host would burn out quick. So a 6 hour incubation period would only mean that the victim would be alive a day or two. Kinda like Rabies, the faster the infection, the shorter time the host is alive after the brain swells. There is actually a decent amount of evidence to suggest that Rabies could one day turn into what we know as a "Zombie Virus" So, how does the infection take hold? Through biting etc i would assume? How long for incubation? ( i know it says in the lore ~16hrs before they attack non-infected) How long does the infected stay animated? How quick did it spread? Take all these into account when naming it. I like Wendigo but it's very much based on myths and spirits and evil etc.. no offence just seems like a go-to-name. Ideas - Nihilitis, Lyssavirus (named after Greek god of frenzy & rage) or even go a bit biblical and call the disease Rapture, since some of us were left behind (Immune)
  5. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    People seem set on KoS rights regardless of the situation. I'm with you on this though and wish it were more like this but i guess it's up to each person. Here's hoping! Just lead by example and hopefully everyone will get the idea in the end! All you can hope for.
  6. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    Honestly, you only have to go back and look at what i said to you, then questions i asked etc and then look at your replies. It's cool dude i'm not interested in finding out anymore. You have given me all the answers i need.
  7. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    *sighs* I'm here for realism dude, and 99% of the time it's what i get IG. What i'm not here for is discussions that are one sided and are no longer discussions. I came here to talk about characters acting their roles properly regarding everything that was discussed in the OP and all of the replies. I can see that a few people are clearly getting bent out of shape about some things I've given my opinion on and the passive aggression is steering me away from this altogether. I've asked you several key questions that would have shed light on how i came to my opinion that i gave and you've simply ignored me, several times and I've even had the decency to keep replying to you. That says a lot dude. If you and your group wanna RP that way, i'm not going to stop you but you'll never change my opinion on it. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  8. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    Hey i'm pretty sure i asked on your group page if it was going to be a milsim unit and you guys replied with "Yes sir." so hey, i'm confused and should be branded so if the gun is on their back and their running away then yeah i would let them go if i were RPing a Military group this far into the infection, i certainly wouldn't gun them down considering i understand exactly why they have a gun, be it automatic or not but hey that's just my opinion dude. I'd be more worried about some trained hunter with a bolt action who's done nothing but kill game all his life and now there's no rules he can go up a notch to something bigger. If the guys running away scared, let him go, don't just shoot cus you have KoS rights. If he turns and kills you then fair enough, hit him with NVFL for taking on superior numbers, all you lost is gear and potentially cleaned up the community a bit. If they have their gun out and are aggressive/ start shooting at you then yeah, smoke them. I have never said anything that would suggest anyone do otherwise. It's the grey area in between i keep referring to.
  9. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    Nah man just in general. I won't talk reports man because i'm not involved. Oh yeah absolutely, shoot if you're shot at, as i'm sure the VDV will have been trained to do so. Like every other armed forces that are currently operating IG. They have never been told to/trained to shoot civilians that are not an IMMEDIATE threat to them. I mean sure it probably does happen. There have been far right extremist commanders that have taken military units and rebelled and done horrible stuff in history but the VDV aren't portrayed as one of them are they?
  10. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    Yes but what are you even referring to? I wasn't talking about anything specific, although you clearly are. So it still doesn't make any sense to me. what 3-4 people? and what v3s? okay after some digging i get what you're on about, why on earth would you get so defensive and think i was referring to that?
  11. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    I don't really follow what you're getting at here dude.
  12. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    So your group is NATO in it's entirety then? Not some branch or battalion? NATO as a whole? If that's the case then fair do's but regarding the above quote, did comms continue after the storm? Or would it be entirely plausible and not totally RP breaking that another NATO group had been sent? Yes, and the only rule that is superior to all is that killing must make sense IC, everything must make sense IC and armed forces shooting civilians that are running or driving around, only a couple weeks into what might not even be the end of everything, doesn't make complete sense to me. BTW you're committing acts of war with a state that, in your lore, you're trying to assist. How does killing it's general populace keep you in such a peaceful coalition?
  13. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    I did read it, hence why i said "Peacekeeping forces, Nato and the VDV" PeaceKeeping forces - UN Nato - emm, nato. VDV - VDV. So if someone just runs off or drives off you'll just gun them down? That's badRP my man, fun or not.
  14. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    Alright, so when i said NATO earlier, i wasn't exactly meaning you then was i? Sorry if it was long winded, but i feel i needed you to see for yourself that i wasn't targeting you, or your group I get your reasoning there about reports but could you not also say that it's a wee bit power-gamey to do so? I mean yeah you are a NATO group but all of NATO? Your character is a WO right? Would it be fair to say that there could be operations going on in your AO that are above your pay grade, so to speak? Also, other units that maybe weren't under your command that don't necessarily want to join your group. They could easy do anything they wanted IC and say they're NATO forces and you couldn't really report them, could you? I find it a little over the top.
  15. KronicMunky

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    Which only helps prove my point and you're likely to get even more than that since it's not entirely obvious that there is a NATO faction right off the bat, for new comers especially. Do you accept all of them or turn some away, potentially forcing them to create new backstories because they're not on your list? Lastly, is the NATO faction an official lore faction like the UN/WHO and CR? or is this a Group? Cheers.