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  1. Vadim Antonov was a simple kid with high hopes and dreams finding hes place in music and always wanting to grow and a great pianist and things inded went great for him he found a small music store near the place he lived and that place was the place he spended all hes childhood everyone knew him and everybody knew he would grow to be a great pianist he worked day and night playing and playing when he was 18 the army came and took him away the war started it wasnt a simple war it was a war agenst the walking ghosts zombies call them how do you want he had to train hard and then they sended him to the Russian Airborne Troops there he was a jet fighter but he had an accedint and hes plain crashed in the middle of chernorus hes plain crashed into a bulding and he just jumped out and then he was alone trying to survivie the life he now got