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  1. Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the community!
  2. Free Medics [Open Frequency]

    *Nods slowly and thumbs the PTT, once again* I will pass along this frequency to Doctor Brandon, he will be in touch. *Hooks the radio onto my belt*
  3. Free Medics [Open Frequency]

    *Screws the cap back onto his water bottle, then continues the thumb down the PTT* Hello Joshua, the names Zakk. How can we help you? *Releases the pressure off the PTT and reaches for some canned sardines*
  4. I got robbed by a group of about 6 people at Myshkino Tents, they ended up killing me (Wrongly, but I won't get into that). Today, OOC, I met the same group of people, minus a couple. They attempted to rob me once again, then 2 zombies started attacking the only one who was pointing a gun at me, the rest of them tried to kill the zombie, and one ended up killing his own guy. I lost my stuff, but honestly, the whole scene was worth it.
  5. Group Idea Bulletin

    An Egyptian group which worships all the Gods the Egyptians do, follows their religion, all the good stuff. I'd love to meet this group IC and ask them about their religion, just to hear all the wack ideas they come up with when I ask questions they have no clue about.
  6. [GAME] Have you ever? (Get to know people)

    Yes, my brother and I got into an argument when we were younger. Question: Have you ever had a life-threatening experience IRL?
  7. Wumby DZN [3D]

    Nice graphics man!