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  1. After living in Poland for many years, Adok traveled between neighboring countries like Germany, Russia and Lithuania. Adok picked up multiple cultures as well as the languages. He went hunting in all of these countries and learned many survival skills. Adok also took a single trip to Siberia where a change encounter with a Russian hunter ended with him being shot in the chest, luckily fully recovering from it, Adok never returned to the Siberian wasteland. Adok is drawn to hunting due to the prize of the hunt as well as the true loneliness he feels while in the act. True piece is achieved while out there and it is unmatched anywhere else, in any other field providing true tranquility and a chance to enjoy his occupation which carried on with him even after the infection ravaged the world.
  2. Hop on the teamspeak and I can tell you why I thought it was you