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  1. This is not really new infomasion its just something i would like to point out. If we had raised our guns and tried to shoot at them, wouldnt we had managed to hit them once? And also would they have been so synchronized in their attack? 17:20:17 | Player "Keith Larth"(id=) has been killed by player "Lamar Black"(id=) 17:20:18 | Player "Boris Petrov"(id=) has been killed by player "Yella Ju"(id=) Just putting it out there since noone has mentioned it. As for the Video evidence, I think everyone has stated that none of us was recording.
  2. Hello im Keith Larth and wow, i guess. Me and my friend walked into the tents and were approched by two induviduals. Yalla and Lamar, we talked to them, they did not try the VSS. My friend Boris shoot with it to show it to Yalla. Then we stood all nice and talked about trading, then all of the sudden they said that this was their teritory and that we had to get down on the ground while they raised their guns. In my mind I was going to say "take it easy" but when i said "take" I got shot by a shotgun. My friend got shot immidiatly after. We did not hessitate or try to shoot back/raise our guns. I dont have any proof, but all I can say is that we did not shoot or act hostile at all, i simply said "take" and I was dead. Try to see that their "attack" was so synchronized that if anyone was using another form of communication, it was them. Keith Larth.
  3. hello, I just got whitelisted and I am quite new to roleplaying within dayz standalone. However I hope that I will meet alot of new and intressting people in my adventures!