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  1. Will do! Thank you for your kindness!
  2. Johnny grew up in a small town south of Stockholm, Sweden. He didnt grow up having everything he pointed his finger at, he needed to prove himself worthy of everything he ever wanted. His parents made that very clear.. Altough there wasn't any economical issues at home, he decided to jump school and start working as a plumber. He was much like his father, a young teenager that wanted to prove himself to the older generation. Johnny has now just turned 20 and has been working for 4 years. He haven't been travelling much and he wasn't the kinda guy who went party trips. The things that attracted him was fishing, hunting and wilderness. He loved being out in the wild, feeling the fresh breeze of air, birds twittering and the smell of damp forest after the rain have been pouring down. Just 2 days before the outbreak, he went a trip to visit Chernarus, just to see Devil's Castle that was placed a few km from Grishino where he stayed the night. He have been reading about this place for a long time and wanted to see what it looked like in real life. He had a dying passion for old dynasty's. He went on to the forest that was close by where he would set up his tent at, living on berries and anything that he could eat, just enjoying life at its fullest like he loved to. A few days flew by and he was now ready to go home, he packed all his stuff and starting walking back. He didnt stop at Grishino. He went straight for the airport and was met by a full close down, he stopped and watched from a far, not knowing what was going on. When he saw bodies all over the airport he turned on his radio and heard the outgoing message about the breakdown. Ever since that he never looked back, he have been living in the forest, too afraid to go back. Its almost been 2 years now. Johnny haven't had any conctact with the people who survived. He is an outsider now. He's been watching from a far, seeing how humanity treats eachother now. Killing for pleasure, robbing and overtaking those who cant defend themself. As i said, 2 years has gone by and he doesn't want live all by himself for the rest of his life. He wanted to make friends. This is the story of Johnny.
  3. Well, im not whitelisted yet.. But if my application come thru i will!
  4. Bodeland

    Thank you DayZRP Community

    You are a good writer! I loved it.
  5. Hi everyone! Submitted my whitelist application last night and hoping to get in as soon as possible! If there is anyone who's insterested to read the characters background story i would love to post it! Sincerely, Johnny
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    Thank you DayZRP Community

    Congratz!! Can you post your characters background story here? It would be interesting to read it!
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    is there a happening in 5 days?

    Then a new clock will start, outbreak 2.0, even the zombies would hide