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  1. Colbie, AKA 'Honey', a nickname he picked up by reliably always having MDMA on his person to deal coasted through life. His parents passed when was a young teenager, leaving a wealthy sum behind from their life insurance. As soon as he turned eighteen he gained full financial control of the money his late parents left him, bought a cheap apartment and spent most days partying, bars, clubs and raves, especially raves. Those were his favorite places to be, a rave was a perfect place to sell alot of MDMA after all. However he grew bored, restless and tired of London, he wanted to travel, see the world and party across it. After arranging his passport and visa he began knocking places off the map, starting with the big names first, America, France, China, Russia, and so on. It was a whim, a random decision to go to Chernarus, he saw the big tourist trap parts of the world and wanted to go for something more rural, a lesser traveled country, someplace that would be a real conversation starter back home. The decision was made with a dart, he blindfolded himself, facing a paper map pinned to the wall and threw, and the dart landed neatly in Chernarus, sealing his fate from then on to the godforsaken events that would occur.
  2. Dan Backslide

    DayZRP 19.6.1

    Very cool
  3. I'm sorry it was an admittedly unclear reference. Its because jake and ainsley harriot are both very good and characteristic people, i was hoping to convey that jake was, like ainsley, a great charismatic person with alot going for him (and a really good cook on the side.) But it is my fault it was unclear and i apologize profusely.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was making an honest nomination for my favorite community member Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There's not much more to say!!!!! What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The removal of the points i was granted for nominating a community member i have observed to be a great person and roleplayer alike What could you have done better?: I could have nominated buddy
  5. *chanting" meat meat meat meat meat meat MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT 

  6. tumblr_owpg1fXUzl1qjnhqgo1_540.jpg

    1. Oliv


      that's not creepy at all

  7. Watching over the garden wall alone because my friends don't love me </3 

    Ya'll ain't reaaaaaaal homes 

    1. JakeWalford


      You're not real!

    2. Brayces


      I wanted to see that, actually.

    3. Dan Backslide

      Dan Backslide

      I can streeeam it :3c

    4. Brayces


      Ommmg, is it a movie or a series.

    5. Dan Backslide

      Dan Backslide

      a series, ten episodes each about ten minutes long 

    6. Brayces


      PLAN IT, DEW IT.

    7. Dan Backslide

      Dan Backslide

      Im ready to stream whenever you wanna start! 

  8. I mean that's cool, but i'm aware the outside world doesn't love my look. I love myself and my poor fashion choices ✌ I also updated your image for accuracy because c'mon they aren't 100% gone
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