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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was making an honest nomination for my favorite community member Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There's not much more to say!!!!! What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The removal of the points i was granted for nominating a community member i have observed to be a great person and roleplayer alike What could you have done better?: I could have nominated buddy
  2. I'm sorry it was an admittedly unclear reference. Its because jake and ainsley harriot are both very good and characteristic people, i was hoping to convey that jake was, like ainsley, a great charismatic person with alot going for him (and a really good cook on the side.) But it is my fault it was unclear and i apologize profusely.
  3. I mean that's cool, but i'm aware the outside world doesn't love my look. I love myself and my poor fashion choices ✌ I also updated your image for accuracy because c'mon they aren't 100% gone
  4. I shaved my eyebrows over a year ago because i wanted to and enjoyed it there now you don't have to ask
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    Snapchat Friends

    This entire thread was a mistake
  6. Henlo i want 2 be cool and "hip" like the kids
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    Kill, torture or rescue the guy or girl above you

    Kill n Stick my Knifey out real far
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    How to make a character page that isn't a meme, on DayZRP [For Kids]

    Next episode; How to make a tutorial that isn't a meme (For kids) (Actually nice job though +1)
  9. I draw things to a mediocre degree Here are some random things Here are some Dayzrp things Post requests below and i will consider them when i have time! Not taking any more requests till i finish up what's on my plate
  10. A quick update to those still waiting for art, i've paused working on stuff because my eyeballs are pretty funked up right now and everything is half blurry. Still waiting on my glasses to come in the mail but i can resume as normal once they do.
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    [GAME] Continue the Story

    Extremely sexy and
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    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    I love pineapples on my pizza/10
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    Baby come back, you can blame it all on meee
  14. Lookin forward to it, thanks for havin me!
  15. Born in 1992 in the humble beautiful town of Bourges, France, Adrian had a rather comfortable childhood with two loving parents. It was however because of these comforts that Adrian began growing restless as he aged, wishing for something exciting to happen in his life, to grant the thrill adrenaline provides. Due to this he gained quite a rebellious streak, acting out and dressing up like a punk. A fact his parents disapproved of. His life began its downwards spiral in high-school where he fell in with a group of ragtag small-time drug traffickers. He began selling marijuana and as time passed harder and harder drugs. Cocaine, Molly, LSD, methamphetamine, if it exists it's probably passed through Adrian's hands at some point or another. During his career Adrian developed a bad attitude and a hot temper, but thankfully enough street smarts to not let those traits get out of hand to the point where he'd be left shot dead in some alleyway. That is until recently. During a massive drug deal between Adrians crew and a local gang, the gang boss took attitude with Adrian and demanded to pay no more than quarter of the value of the drugs they were set to purchase. After some bickering he lost his cool and insulted the gang boss and his crew. Gunfire echoed through the streets as Adrian made a hasty escape, but his slip had cost him thousands of dollars not to mention the lives of most of his crew. He was as good as ruined, especially with the hounds of the gang he'd just ruined relations with out for blood. He had to skip town for awhile, lay low in some shithole till he wasn't a target. taking the last of his money from his savings he bought plane tickets, one for himself and one for each of his boys and set to scatter across the globe. Adrian's ticket was set for Chernarus, he didn't know much about the place but it was cheap, and backwater as hell and that was good enough. He set off the morning after with the clothes on his back and a small chunk of cash. Enough to get by for a few weeks at least. After an eight hour flight, the length due to many stop overs at a variety of locations he had arrived at a coastal town in Chernarus. He quickly set off to find a place to stay, and once he was settled began his research on the local town area. Language, culture, laws, His cash wasn't going to last so he had to figure out some way to get more. Starting with what he knew, drug trafficking. However he barely got to begin worrying about running out of money before military began marching into town, everything on the televison was in a language he didn't understand. At first he thought he walked into a rash of small time terrorist attacks until he saw one, an infected. It was shown very briefly on television as a reporter, broadcasting live was attacked from behind by what looked like a sickly deranged person. He'd seen alot of addicts, and druggies but the attacker barely looked like anything he knew of. So it wasn't drugs then what was it? Something fucked, something wrong, he didn't care to stick around and figure it out but his desperate attempts the book a new flight out were denied with poor excuses and rebuttals and half hearted reassurances that flights were to be resumed as soon as the situation was handled. But it only got worse, and soon enough his town began falling into chaos. Infected people stumbling through the streets, attacking civilians and military alike, and Adrian was left with no choice but to fend for himself. Grab what supplies he could, a means of defense, and survive, and wait for help to come save this rotten backwater country and its few still sane and healthy survivors.
  16. For clarification, you want the first picture on your characters profile drawn?
  17. Thankyou <3 if you ever want somethin done im here for you bb ;3c