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  1. *Timothy leans into the microphone and presses the PTT* Hello, friends! This is Timothy Vetrov, the man you offered the farming duty to. I have made it back, although just barely, to my property and have finished the harvest of my crop. They are currently waiting for you to be picked up, but hurry as they will spoil eventually. I look forward to meeting you and perhaps getting some additional supplies to defend myself from those Muslims! Bathe your bullets in bacon grease, my friends! Timothy Vetrov out *The PTT is released*
  2. Timothy was born in Chernarus. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to the United States for economic reasons. He visits his homeland yearly to spend time with his family and maintain his property that he has inherited. His lineage is ingrained strongly within Chernarussian military history, however, he became very interested in philosophy and history during his teenage years. He became a prolific nationalist writer, influenced by Julius Evola, Carl Jung, and Hans Herman Hoppe. He aspires to spread his work and improve his thinking, even in the post-societal world. His philosophy and perspective on politics have changed drastically while learning to survive alone.
  3. Verne

    Anarchy Media Thread

    I sure do love me some dead tyrants and moral authoritarians.
  4. Verne

    Anarchy Media Thread

    Here's another taste of Chernarussian Anarcho-Capitalism for all you dirty commies
  5. I am currently running a small trading company in the northwest region of Chernarus and have been largely successful in my adventures this past week. Some advice: -Stay mobile Move from town to town with the biggest backpacks you can find to stash the gear in. Don't spend too long in any given place because you have a target painted on your back. -Find neutral settlements to conduct business Outrun is a great place to rest and conduct trade. Protection is usually given through its large number of inhabitants. -Hire some private defense contractors that you can trust Again, strength in numbers. Make sure they are reputable beforehand. Pay them well and tip them appropriately. -Meet regular and trusted customers and have what they want Value your customers and give them fair prices; generally they will return. The best customer is a loyal one. -Use rifle bullets as a pseudo-currency They are always in high demand and are easy to store. Civilian caliber bullets should be treated as 1/2 as valuable. Explain this to your customers, they will usually agree. -Persistence You will be initiated upon and you will find yourself in hostile situations; keep your head high and know that you are not trading because it is the easiest thing to do. Good luck.
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    Anarchy Media Thread

    Heres an Anarcho-Capitalist Chernarussian flag... ...hopefully this belogs here...
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    Sanctuary [Active] [Recruiting]

    Very interesting group. Will apply.