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      1.1 and 1.2 

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      Can i have help on how to remove this post, i've been spoke to by staff and to me they're plotting against me to give me points 

      Like i've just got back from the park and i shouldn't need this stress on my mind 

  2. #FreeTheBoys



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      I bet you have some pikey truck that you go and collect scrap metal in 

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      No sir, it has a cage in the back so the youngins can't escape

    4. Alex Vivian
  3. Also forgot to mention i picked up some vegetables on the way home!

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      egg plant sunday haha

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  4. Right then been gym and im feeling pumped!

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      go on lad get them gains

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      Yeah i know, i always say i've got toothpick arms so im get stronger 

  5. Hi my names Kieran, i like to eat biscuits.

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      Garlic and Chips


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      Omg dude, i love that video, please be my dad.

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      you are my son now. welcome 

  6. Kieran890

    S1 Stary Sobor - 21/05/2017

    POV: I didn't know a lot of what happened during this event, i was having game issues so i took cover behind a fence away from the action and the people who where initiated on killed me as they stumbled across me crouched, positively identified me and killed me. I have no problem with the outcome resulting to my death.
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      Explain what did I miss


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      Look at his appeal

  8. Luke Smith POV: We were running from vybor to Kab and encountered a group of 5-6 people, we decided to try and go over to them to speak but they ran off. A few minutes later after a few of us went AFK etc we encountered the same group again. After talking for a few minutes bazz made the call to leave so we all decided to turn and run off and leave the group. They then started to run after us and we had a feeling they were going to try and rob us. In the heat of the moment of concentrating on getting away i was way too carried away and didn't check the bottom left of my screen which in my video evidence (linked below) you can clearly see i did receive the TEXT initiation. I did not watch over my video evidence until the day after and by that time Bazz and Jxkey had already explained in the initial report thread that I had made a mistake and had received initiation, so yes 50% of our group DID receive it but not all. As seen in the video i was hit and was instantly unconscious and you can even hear me say 'im dead' in the video multiple times, i understand that i was not actually deemed dead in the game but i was pretty sure i would be killed by blood loss or by the group. I decided to wait what i thought was a reasonable amount of time for someone to get me up (assuming they wanted to keep me as a hostage and treat me) which in my head was around a few minutes. Not long after falling unconscious i was presented with a BattlEye message, as i have previously stated i do not recall what the message said exactly but i mistakenly presumed it was some sort of death message or something so proceeded to respawn in order to get rid of it. I understand now that my actions could be deemed as wrong and rule-breaking. I understand that when unconscious i need to wait a reasonable length of time (15-20 minutes) before thinking about respawning and i am willing to take me 3 day ban for NVFL (Which i am currently serving). I have since been on TS and discussed matters further with Elmo and now have a much better understanding on what to do in those situations, and i guess i will learn from my mistakes. Were all human at the end of the day, ive made a mistake and i apologise. Video Link:
  9. I've been told you already have it according to Elmo
  10. From re-viewing this report i've come to the conclusion to close the appeal, i've gone through my evidence and seen mistakes from where i am wrong. I would like to close the ban appeal.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Firstly i'd like to explain the situation, me and my group of friends encountered a group of people and straight away they seemed hostile so we made the call to leave so we started running across the field, as i was running i saw their weapons raised without not one warning or initiation given to me so i was confused and carried on running until they started firing and as i fled i got shot with my head only visible so i knew full well i was shot in the head and untimely thinking of no chance of survival, i waited a few as from experience people giving me medical attention and carrying on RP'ing with me but i got a battle eye message i do not recall the full message which i went on and re spawned. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've been looking through the reports and i have a hint of evidence from the video you can hear me repeat 'I'm dead' multiple times after i'd been shot. https://plays.tv/video/59071993c25726275d/dayzrp-report If you skip to 5:00mins you can hear me say 'I'm dead' What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my ban and points removed. What could you have done better?: Instead of rushing things like i did when i saw a message take notice as then i wouldn't get myself into trouble.
  12. Kieran890

    Mack Dempsey [Open Frequency]

    * Luke picks up his radio* Outrun, you call us the enemies... the only reason we have people against us is because we back you in your stupid little wars, it was Barry who told us all to protect you but we all knew what it would come to. You create enemies and run and don't fight, then you call for people to come and help because you're not capable of doing so, and all you'll do now is turn against us like expected so the people you hated and hunted daily will forget about you and you'll join them to kill us off, and if that's what happens then we'll sure have fun, just remember the last time you crossed us. *Luke turns his radio off*
  13. *Luke picks up his radio* You'll get whats coming for you don't you worry, we've been distracted and not had our full force focused on a minor like you, as we were fighting other battles but now we come for you at full force no holding back and no mercy prepare for this war because this will be the hardest one you've fought and maybe the last. *Luke puts away his radio and heads to re-group with the pack*
  14. *Luke picks up his radio* Mack, I've been separated from the group and i encountered our enemies. We all need to re-unite and take down the people who have crossed us, forget all the Allie shit and lets take down our enemies and stop fighting other peoples battles and fight our battles. Hows Barry? I haven't seen him in weeks, the last time i spoke to him he was speaking to himself i think he's going insane i hope... *Luke drops his radio and makes a run for it as he hears the people in the woods*
  15. *Luke picks up his radio* I shall say this only once... If you'd like to rethink your plans and surrender the time is now because there's no going back, I'm sick and tired of having to be held back and been peaceful to our enemies but this time there's no one stopping me or the pack, so be very careful as we know we may have to fight a battle more than once to win it but i assure you we will succeed. *Luke puts the radio down and says to Barry "it's time to wake the pack"*
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