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  1. Hey, Just want to see if any community members are software testers, and maybe share knowledge and Experiences?
  2. CLF - Due to the settlement near NE airfield. Always packed there with raids constantly. Somalian death squad
  3. Berko started his life an abandoned child where a family man called Alex took him from the streets of the capital of Ghana and raised him as his own child. little did Alex know, but Berko was a sweet innocent boy who, with shy tendencies always stayed away from "bad men". This was due to the beating and mockery that took place on the streets of Ghana, which ultimately lead to Berk being afraid of people with authority. After many years struggling through school and high school with little to no grades, At age 24 - Berko began working at the local zoo, where he was a cleaner and made a honest living looking after areas and animal cages. On one day some 'Bad men' came and hushed Berko away. Beaten and bloodied, Berko was terrified and unable to defend himself, after all he resembles a man with no bad bone in his body. Whilst bound and succumb to injuries, Berko was unconsciousness. Berko only faintly remembered that 'Experiment' and 'Alex' was mentioned during the capture. Not knowing here, who or why, Berko was awoken with the crashing of waves against his body. He had awoken somewhere on a cost, where untold to him, the nightmare begins. *What will push Berko over the edge after all these years being honest and good... Maybe it's only a matter of time before he finds the anger within.*
  4. broz70

    Avoiding RP

    See I'd like to think, that you can start a community / village were people are protected by this, roleplay to defend this stuff from happening.
  5. whats the music towards the end?? But really good job tho! hype.
  6. Hooollyyyy s*** you still playing!!! Nice to see yah buddy, how are yah ?
  7. Hi again. need to re apply white list ughhh.... why??? anyway will be good to see some old friends!!!!!!!
  8. https://twitter.com/saymonborat/lists/dayz-development-team Should be up soon now ^^^^
  9. No i do not, as i cant really run the game whilst recording even if its only briefly. I have spoken to the people involved and have heard their side of the story, i wish to close this ticket, thank you.
  10. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server and location: About 01:00 At Green Mountain Daytime or Night-time: Day time Your in game name: Berko Rudo Names of allies involved: None Name/Skin of suspect/s: Black clothing, AK drum with sight, Bandana on face. Suspects weapon/s: AK Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: So i was at green mountain and there was roughly 4 - 5 at the fire in the middle of the conpound. A person walks into the conpound from the front with a SVD. He proceeds to enter the tower, at this point a person at the fire was telling him to get down and not to go up there, he presists on still going up the ladder and at this point the person was saying get down from the ladder etc or he will shoot. At this point i decide to leave the area, at the same time two or three people dressed in full black clothing enter the area. I'm making my way down the dirt road towards the lake, after half way down, a horde of bullets are being shot at green mountain. I start to run down the track making my way just to the edge of the forest. I stop and see a person coming towards me, I say hello and tell him there's people shooting up there, dont go up. seconds later he just shoots me and says "die pig" or something along those lines. Im not sure why?
  11. you guys currently active on SA?
  12. You sir have just hit the nail on the head, well done. I've always thought about stuff like this, thank god some one spoke. +1
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