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  1. just use a new system for the reports I'd suggest you one which never disappointed me.. NEVER ! Roll a dice.. if it's 1-3 = false report and if its 4-6 = perma ban But I guess some Adminds already used this in the past. Well.. I remember the earlier days when there were like 50 reports made per min.. and seeing the report section now.. the community changed and the staff is also doing a good job.
  2. Is the PW still "RolleIsPlumo" ? Because it's not working for me.. but my DayZ are up anyway..
  3. No one cares what you think ! goddamn gingers ! they're fucking everywhere !!
  4. Shit.. the Server is unplayable for me.. I get like 5 fps and a lot of freezes. What the fuck have you done.
  5. Just wanted to troll our beloved Staff. <3 I'll have it as signature then
  6. we hate all of you, like we hate everyone else on DayZRP.. especially Rolle.. only exception is Livs, because she's hot.
  7. [video=youtube] My first kill with an empty tin can, or maybe the combination of my vodka bottle + tin can + stress and maybe a bit of the lee enfield bullet I placed in his knee when he tried to escape again. RIP in Piece Mr. Sean.
  8. His mom wouldn't let him stay on longer so he robbed her... She didn't comply. RIP in piece Swisher Mom =/
  9. I think he got grounded without TV and Computer till he's 18 for yelling at People on the Internet and taking virtual hostages.
  10. Don't be a bitch, Zip. hahaha welcome back Yepp, back in business and looking forward to our first firefight <3
  11. Don't be a bitch, Zip. He is only clarifying that the SKA license is exclusive. If someone gets a license of SVR that means the SKA license will be revoked ! No need to get angry. I'm not angry, don't worry about my mood. There have been to many gay jokes in TS, I could never be mad about Zip.
  12. Wow, seems everyone is doing weapon Licenses. Just remember that you can have one or the other, not both. Don't be a bitch, Zip. USER HAS BEEN WARNED FOR THIS POST
  13. I'm S-GRU. No, I'm S-GRU. No you're not, I'm S-GRU. The only S-GRU left on DayZRP is Tortov and there are only a few less people still here which remember S-GRU. Fact is, the DayZRP Community changed and the S-GRU the people think about when hearing the name of S-GRU are Fyodor, Tortov, Mikoyan, Mikhail, Me and all the others who fought on our side in this "new version" of S-GRU. We ruled this Server, like the first S-GRU did earlier and like SVR did later. When the people in-game heard us saying "This is S-GRU" or later "This is SVR" their hearts skipped a beat and I bet a few also shat their pants in the same moment. We all had great fun together in S-GRU and in SVR and that is what it's all about. I left this server for a few months and during my absence a few good players left SVR, SVR got disbanded, Daniel made his gay club clan, CLF Jerry and Tortov formed or joined SKA, but now I'm back and so is SVR and we will all have a great time again.
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