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  1. @Dusty i have no problem apologising, however, your group has hurt me IC this is the only action i can take IC. if i do not do this you will continue to harm me and my friends, you recently denied a certain friend of mine clearance to use automatic weapons for his trip to the north, a deal that was struck OOC with the commonwealth's leader. you denied and forced him to leave. this coupled with the fact that every time i have run into your group, you have been belligerent and quick on the trigger IC has left me with two options, either leave you guys alone and go where there is absolutely nobody. (basically quitting the server) or retaliating. I have chosen to retaliate, this move was triggered by IC interactions and i feel this mentality will only be bolstered if i do not suddenly remove all scars and change my accent, name, face, voice and attitude. if you have an issue with me doing things IC then please take it up with me personally or change the way you interact with people IC'ly. i will stop destroying your tents, i will instead be moving them. hope that makes you happy. One other thing i must add. please do not come into a teamspeak room with six of your buddies only to harass and insult me, i am an adult and expect to be treated with some respect when it comes to things so serious as a report or personal gripes. thank you.
  2. having looked through the rules i do not see anything about griefing. Am i mistaken? if so please feel free to correct me. http://prntscr.com/hu4s6l this just feels like a salt report more than anything based on any actual rulebreaks. If you think that i'm lying feel free to try my little cntrl+F trick yourself.
  3. POV: I have been doing this yes. and the reason is for IC. Your group, the commonwealth have fucked me over in numerous ways, even metagaming me at one point. So i snuck onto the airfield whilst nobody was awake, and burnt your shit to the ground, this happened for two reasons. you fucking me over and you fucking over my friends. to a near constant level every time i have run into you i have been shot, tortured, and beaten. So like anyone else i got my revenge the only way i could. i couldn't shoot you, nor could i actively destroy your supporters. So i rp'd burning your shit down. what else was i supposed to do? bend over and take it like a little bitch? no. and the talks you tried to have were completely fucked anyway, both banks and @G19 were constantly rude, arrogant and didn't even care about them fucking over my roleplay and my close friend's roleplay. i believe @lucius has a recording of that. i saw nothing wrong with this action as it had happened to multiple groups towards the start of the lore, i guess its just not cool when it happens to the people who do it.
  4. *A deep scottish accent came over the radio* Well, well, well. Seems like the commonwealth is getting mad. tell me "mr. man." how do you enjoy your little tents? cause i love them, they're so comfy and roomy before i burnt them all to the ground. You leave these good people alone and i'll leave you alone. *the transmission stops, cutting to pure static again*
  5. i have talked to the people involved in the report, they are happy to drop it. still havent talked to @DeluxeCores
  6. Best meme


    1. melon21


      thanks fam

  7. *A deep Scottish accent comes over the static filled airwaves* Good morning wonderful people of the commonwealth, I am James, although most call me the father. Sadly your "government" is a den for lies and corruption, sins against god, destruction of humanity for their own selfish gain. I have taken the liberty to relive them of their belongings at the north west airfield, twice. me and my friends just want a peaceful existence without some commie fucks deciding to shove their dicks down our throats by telling us that we cant have certain guns. we will strike again, we will not be silenced, we will never surrender. *the radio goes silent once more*
  8. I play with myself a lot too 

    Nobody understands us 


  9. Artyom's POV: so i was running around looking for gear since the commies had shot me dead two days before, when this guy comes up, me of course was rather suspicious of someone who got that close to me in a field, i gave him some soda since he said he was thirsty and said i was heading to the military base, he says that he is going there too. we go through the military base not finding much, i then tell him that since he was heading that way that im going to head back up to kabinino, he says that he wants to come with me, which is fine since he said that he was rather new to the area, i thought it was bullshit but went along with it. reaching the town i take out some infected and show him where the water pump is, i take out a couple more infected and tell him that further down the road is stary sobor. he stands there as i walk back into town because i wanted to log for the night. i get into the house and i see him being chased by a zombie, i shoot the zombie and another one that had agroed onto him, then i go back inside the house and am about to log when i hear @DeluxeCores come up and say hi, i tab back in and walk to the stairs, but am greeted with a zombie that had glitched through the door and was running in circles. I shoot the zombie whilst saying "can you go away?" this was not directed at the two outside, but towards the zombie. as i got back up to the second story the man hadn't used his gun before but was popping off shots at infected like crazy which led me to suspect that he was lying about his ammo count, i said "so you have ammo now?" to which i heard the response of "yeah only two bullets left though" having seen nobody else outside and i didnt hear any further questions i logged before i passed out in bed. i am on ts if the people want to talk, i would like to work this out.
  10. *Artyom, who had been listening to the shitfest over the radio decided to throw his two cents into the debate* Not yesterday i was taken hostage by the collective, they said i was a known CDF? anyway, i think that it's a bit hypocritical of you to suggest that you dont need fully automatic rifles when you yourself mowed down one of your own men and then injured me with an akm with a drum mag, rail hand-guard, bi-pod, flashlight, and suppressor with a scope on it. either it's all ok, or none of it is ok. i will not hand over my rifle just because you fucks ask for it, my rifle is my life, it is more than a piece of hardware; it's a statement. the rifle i have in my current possession is one of the fully automatic variety yes. I will not hand over my livelihood to you just because you want to ban them. You want them banned? You yourself will give them up if you truly believe in what you preach to the masses, if you dont it will already strengthen the argument against your so called "government." I'm getting tired of you fucks walking into my home, my country and acting like you own it just because you have some piss ant little friends. if you want to kill me come and kill me, i've lived my life and i dont want to die crying in a pit, unlike you inhuman fucks. *Artyom would then rack the AK in his hands and released the PTT ending the transmission* Damned commie rats will pay for what they've done.
  11. will be there. about time the CDF came back. will be CDF combat medical.
  12. *The airwaves static would halt, a message coming through clear as day* *The message would then repeat the same amount of times that the last one had before cutting off into static*
  13. use ravage as a basis for the mod, it doesn't have shit zombies and the likes, however it might get a bit bullshit with the radiation zones, however that could further rp.
  14. *As the cold static filled the airwaves, a lone message started to play.* *The message would repeat five times before the static filled the frequency once again*
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