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  1. The fact is that you used racial slurs somewhere around 15-20 times during the short 15 minutes or so that we were in contact. I even told my friend in surprise that I've never seen someone use it more than me. And I play as a black character. Neither me or Caleb are up in arms over you using it. In fact I think it may have added to the RP, but the frequency was over the top. And I am simply providing feedback. Take it how you will, if you disagree then disagree. And your claims of contradiction is great. But it was a typo, I meant comply and not reply. English is not my first language. I do not have video evidence, since I play on a potato and do not wish to sacrifice even 1 frame. But in the future you should maybe provide your own mic as well. You say it isn't working with recording, and that's very convenient. Or maybe one of your friends has video too?
  2. POV: Me and @maddogcaleb just finished repairing a car and we were on our way out of Elektro when the server started breaking and eventually breaking our vehicle as well. We are now exiting the car and met by two people. I don't know who of them we met first. But we spoke to them for a few minutes in friendly conversation and i went about to find parts to repair the car. My friend pulls his gun out because he didn't feel safe. As I return I'm informed that the car is completely dead and I then take out the items and parts I wanted to keep from the car. We continue in conversation with the folks we met and soon a 3'rd guy who I believe is @Ducky turns up with a completely different tone, he is mad and angry, and uses racial slurs every few seconds. I was on discord with @maddogcalebat the time. He began to speak to Caleb who still had his gun out. And tells him to stand next to me. My friend replies in a normal tone at first but after repeating each other a few times. With Caleb saying no politely and @Ducky telling him to stand next to me. Me and Caleb realise that Caleb's microphone had stopped working. This is a common issue, as we both use the same studio grade microphones. My friend tries to fix his microphone while I am commanded to speak on his behalf. And soon @Ducky points his gun at Caleb's face and shouts at him to put it down and that he will be shot if he doesn't reply. Caleb then replies by shooting ducky. And I lied down on the floor and proceeded in hostage RP. After the server disconnecting us several times my and my hostage takers agree to stop the RP and do something else with our time.
  3. Hello, So me and OB met about an hour before this indecent, we were together with a few other people, one by the name of Peter (don't know his last name) And Roland Woods (I think that is his last name). Anyway we were all looking to do some drugs, and since my character is a drug dealer we had some of that. We took magic mushrooms and morphine and started rp'ing that we saw wierd stuff etc. Later we got so messed up, that me and Roland started a thing that we called "The train" Basically we wanted to crawl all the way to Stary to Kab. Only me and peter actually did this the others left the train after a while, since it is very time consuming. When we came back we ran into that lady, we had seen her before this, and we told her how we made it to Kab and that we are now back. I see her getting into some minor "fight" with OB and i try to stay out of it. Me and Peter go up towards the hospital in Stary and chill there for a bit. OB then comes back and tells me in short about him pissing on the lady in Pink, and i say that he is one nasty motherfucker. And we continue doing drugs and having fun in Stary. What we did with the train may seem alot like trolling. But in all honestly we was Rp'ing being on alot of drugs. but if it is trolling I can only say that i should be banned for it. Many apologies if i did something wrong. By the way sorry for the late reply haevn't had time to go on DayzRP
  4. Hello, I am Collin Maxwell, I was playing with my friend (Alex Lavrov) at north west airfield when we decided to go to Kab, we were there for a little while maybe, 10-15 mins before the explosion went off. I do not have any POV to show you that i am innocent but you can see me and my friend sitting on the right side of the road in Heron's POV (http://plays.tv/video/57cc3ed2abc219f35f/dayzrp) 00:39 - 00:46 Hope it helps!
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