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  1. I honestly don't mind fun, but this is the type of thing that makes FiveM RP look more serious than DayZ. Its supposed to be a Post-Apocalyptic world, its meant to be serious. I'm also pretty sure that, yes you would find these in an apocalypse but with the current time of infection that has passed, they would have deflated by now and probably ruined, and you wouldn't have a realistic reason to use them anyway. Its like me wearing a Monke suit walking around Morrisons in the current pandemic. +1, please be shot of this
  2. Looks like its back to the land of Dynamic. I love every single one of you, even tho you all drive me up the wall and have me demented. o7.
  3. I'm sure DayZ just doesn't like me driving.
  4. Wasn't even there for it but I'll give ya me beanz since I love ya
  5. BaileyLR

    Hi all

    Its nice to see someone using my former forum name! Seriously though, welcome man, good luck on getting whitelisted and hope to see you in-game.
  6. Not tagging since there was a FUCK LOAD of people at this event but props to EVERYONE who turned up at the nightclub event at Rify! Loved the atmosphere and the roleplay all around that boat and wanted to say thank you and well done to everyone for making this event successful! You all da MVP's of this community, much love!
  7. @G_DateLR @FaeLR @Watchman @ImKrullix @Finn @ScarlettLR @ImFrosty @Scouse @Preacher @Earl @God @Elrod @AlkisLR @AtrixLR @EddieLR Shoutout to all the above for the brilliant RP provided today at Novaya as I had a fun time at @Stagsview event, even though I did kinda arrive late. Was a chilling and unpredictable experience for myself and others around. Well done and thank you. Apologies if I've left you out or have mistaken' d you for being there. Much love!
  8. Hello there, I'm happy to say that we talked out this whole situation in HD with @Jade present to clear up any confusion and have both agreed to close the report. No hard feelings on both ends. I'm glad that we sorted it out.
  9. As much as I miss the sweet TS lady telling me to wake up every time someone poked me I'd have to say no as Discord is the superior 3rd party software for VoIP and messaging communication. It's been discussed and voted on many times in the past and nothing has come from those times. Sorry man -1
  10. I mean, you could always NOT have a base, so you wouldn't need to worry about defending it against raiders. Problem solved right there.
  11. I was the first person who ran to the scene after the shooting, asking questions about what happened and who saw what. Our comrade was later avenged. We're glad you enjoyed the RP we provided and appreciate the positive feedback. Hope to have more run ins in the near future! ?
  12. Another night of BRILLIANT RP! Had a fun time over by ALASTAIR camp and Myshkino summer camp and beyond. @Dingo @UniiLR @CormacLR @ZedLR @RonnieLR @ChewyLR @Atrix @ImFrosty @EddieLR @Wbtrex @Mommy @MarcLR @Watchman @Duke @Inferno (Sorry if I forgot to tag anyone else) HUGE Thanks to: @Stagsview (And anyone else who helped) for the exciting event. First time feeling the power of the taser gun.? Well done for the effort and time you've all put in to making this event happen for us all. Love ya'll Makes a change to have a nice night of RP without ya nan shouting at ya for making too much noise.?
  13. Uber Driver Caesar shall not be harmed.
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