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  1. Level 100 Mob Boss Roleplay
  2. Had a good evening of RP with the Wolf Pack members @PhoenyxxRP @RiZ @Fae @ViperTCA @Cracka_tee alongside the Green Mountain Charity, Redwood Radio and anyone else who I've left out to tag. Was good to RP with you again, old friend @FalkRP
  3. IGN: Tony Dixon Country: England English skills: As good as can be expected DayZ Mod Experience: Little to none DayZ Standalone Experience: All of my hours are literally put into DayZRP but I have played on pub servers beforehand Roleplaying Experience: Have RP'd on this server for almost about 2 years. That's said, I have plenty of experience. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I usually act as I would do if an apocalypse were to happen in real life, probably in between Hostile and Campfire so I'd say Grey Have you been in any clan/group previously: Alba 19 (2016) The Brotherhood (2016) The Burners (2017) VISTA (2017) Black Skull (2017) The Savior's (2018-2019) The Revenant's (2019) Additional notes: Please have me Best way to contact you: PM me or just message on Discord (Bailey #4904) I'm online every day on both Backstory: Just go to my character page: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-9427/
  4. I honestly have not had this sort of problem before except for times when I've tried to punch only one zombie and somehow alerted his whole Mandem after me. Just act casual and crouch past, it's as simple as that.
  5. Still trying out the steps of the attached topic above, will reply if the problem is sorted or if I'm still having trouble. EDIT: Working now! Thanks for the help.
  6. Photo says it all really....... Tried disabling it on the launcher, thinking it wasn't being used anymore, which then kicked me for it not being enabled. A fix to this would be much appreciated as I have spent months away from this server and wish to return without any annoying interruptions like this one. Thank You!
  7. Aw god, not again......
  8. Excuse me? I’ll have you know, I have a decent amount of hair
  9. A recent one of when I was bald
  10. Some good shit here lads!
  11. Maybe it’s just me that doesn’t see the problem with it. I mean, if it was running away from zombies then yeah, I can understand that but for travelling? Nope, I must be blind. It’s not like you’re in a rush to get somewhere is it? I think it’s just best to take your time sprinting because, realistically, the more you run, the more food and drink you’ll need.
  12. I seriously see no problem with Stamina. Maybe you shouldn’t carry so much in-game if you don’t want your stamina depleted so much. Rule #7 of Zombieland: Travel Light
  13. Couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been gang banged by a bunch of walking corpses because I only tried hitting one then aggroing the rest of the dead population of that fucking town. It is absolutely ridiculous how easy it is to get killed by lots of zombies, unless you find a place to lock yourself in. Yes, crouching helps but you can’t silently kill the infected. To do that, you’d have to aggro one zombie then run away from the town just so you are at a safe enough distance to kill that walker WITHOUT pulling the rest towards you. I mean, you can always skip that town, it’s not like theres an uncrossable border around it but that means losing the opportunity of finding potentially decent loot within that town. So Yeah, I agree to turning the Zombostat down a notch. Either by reducing how many Zombie spawns there are, reducing the aggro range/distance or just make them really easy to kill. +1
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