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  1. First post since I decided to leave way back when. Gonna post a quote from, well, you.. Back in the Rattray days.



    Ruf ist alles

  2. That didn't last long.

    Well since I can't say bye on your thread, see you later, I don't really know you but I feel like somebody needs to stop being cancerous today so wherever your life leads you, have fun doing it. :)

  3. I was talking about staff, silly. You know I love you!
  4. So can I take your position now? Kek


    1. Loscham


      Go for it, girl!

    2. Mademoiselle


      *Pussies out tbh*

  5. No, I am not leaving the community fully.
  6. Merry Christmas Eve!



  7. Fucking Nipplehat... @Romenthegreat
  8. TFW your new joystick AND gaming chair arrive on the same day, and you have to work a 16-hour shift. :(

    1. Aisling



  9. Okay, let's see what we have here. I can see how you would justify the foundations of the group based on Jiri's backstory. I'd like to see a LOT more about exactly why he feels that the only way to progress is dominance. You talk about Jiri's time in solitude, and how he started going mad, or so it seems to me. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but it seems that you're building Jiri as someone who's...well...fuckin' nuts. I'm not understanding why he'd want a war. With whom? For what purpose? To assert his dominance? A month later and there stood his men? What men? I only see 3 on your roster (minimum for a group is 5). Grammatical error: I get what you're trying to say, but this is a massively run-on sentence. What teachings are these? Please elaborate. Huh? I LOVE that font...until I got to your roster, and had to take a second to realize it says "TIER I, II, III" and not "HER I, II, III." Also, what's the deal with the tiers? It's not explained at all. Seems as though it'd more likely be a dictatorship, the way it's framed in the backstory. On to your goals. Either elaborate as to the where and why, or please omit. As it stands, this can be considered a generic goal. This could be pretty cool, if you'd elaborate on these teachings as stated above. I've seen this executed spectacularly in the past, vis a vis The Lost Souls, and a few highly impactful characters. This could be juicy here! This is also generic. "Recruit a bunch of people." Okay, cool, but should not be a core goal of the group. It's a given. Why that formatted differently than the other quotes I don't know....but anyway... These pretty much state the same thing. "Rule Chernarus through fear and subjugation." Not saying that's not cool and all, but keep it as one goal. If you could actually achieve this, or some semblance of it, that'd be pretty cool. Reword. Suggestion: - Create dissent by spreading mistrust in the other groups. Spread the impression that only we can be trusted. Also...if you're ruling by fear, you'll be inherently mistrusted. Just sayin'. Why? Are you trying to say "Keep IC stuff IC?" as in don't take drama and hostility to the OOC level? Your logo is pretty dope, not gonna lie. Maybe a bit more color? CLOSING THOUGHTS: This needs a lot of work, but if you can come up with the members and flesh out the stuff listed here, it has the potential to be pretty sweet...IF it's done right.
  10. @Roach @Romenthegreat @tacticaltahko
  11. Loscham


    @Papa Krieg, I'm going to caveat off of what @Taryn said here, about your goals. She has some other feedback she'd like to address, and I'll leave that to her. They are very generic, and most any group you meet will have similar (if not identical) basic goals. This doesn't mean they're not good goals, but a bit of expansion would be splendid. I'll put a bit of a bug into your ear, and let's see if that can't help you iron things out, addressing each goal. 1. How do you plan to make yourselves known? Give specifics here. 2. How are you going to help the people of Chernarus? Are you going to just give out supplies? Are you going to provide protection on trade routes? How aware are your characters of the current geopolitical situation throughout the land? 3. See above about the geopolitical situation. Offering yourselves up for hire may lead to some undesired consequences, HOWEVER, I've seen it work before. 4. This should be a basic goal of any group, unless they're completely nomadic. It's not so important (as far as group approval goes) that you set up an HQ, but more what you intend to do with it. If your intent is just to provide a base of operations, I'd leave that one out. 5. Again, even most bandit groups want this at this point. If you want to keep this as a goal, elaborate in detail about how you're going to do it; who will you work with to do it, and how. @Taryn had a really good suggestion for that. 6. See above. This is another goal of pretty much every group. 7. This can be folded into goal #5. What we want to see in your goals is uniqueness, my friend. Think of something fresh you want to bring to the table of RP. It can be difficult, I know, to come up with fresh ideas when so many groups already exist and have come and gone, but if you put your mind to it, I'm sure you can think of things.
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