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  1. First post since I decided to leave way back when. Gonna post a quote from, well, you.. Back in the Rattray days.



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  6. " Yes, I’d like to begin by saying that the State of Palestine is no longer in existence "

    Never existed in the 1st place tbh

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  7. World Lore Entry No. 6 - Middle East and Beyond - December 17th, 2017 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL The lights in the small studio in the Israeli capital dim, and the cameras roll on a tired-looking, but stoic Gadi Eizenkot, Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Defense Force. Sitting across from him is Fox News Correspondent Conor Powell. “With Fox News, I’m Conor Powell, speaking with General Gadi Eizenkot, Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Defense Force as we get a look at how Israel fares during these trying times.” He turns from the camera to face the General. “Sir, we’ve heard that the Palestinians and Hamas are no longer a threat to Israeli sovereignty, could you elaborate on that?” “Yes, I’d like to begin by saying that the State of Palestine is no longer in existence. Israel has, by military force, sought an end to the fighting in our territory, and solidified Israel as a whole. There is still a sizeable insurgent holdout of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but we’re working quickly to eradicate it, while still combating this infection.” “We’ve seen a lot of fighting over the last few weeks within the country. Is that mainly the infection, or was that the fight against Palestine and Hamas?” “It was a bit of both, though Palestine fell quickly, and thus we’ve been focusing most of our efforts on keeping our people as safe as we can. We’ve learned that Syria is almost completely overrun, so our priority currently is securing that border.” “Is it true that currently your forces have been pushed back as far as the Sea of Galilee and Acre?” “Currently there is a great deal of heavy fighting around Nazareth and that area, but we are sending a large influx of troops to that area. Currently we’re struggling, but that fight should be well within hand within a week…” ORT BRAUDE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, KARMIEL, ISRAEL A team of 3 IDF Soldiers rush towards the central campus at a dead sprint, shots ringing from the dormitories as the company falls back. Infected drop, though the horde is hot on the soldiers’ heels. “!חרא קדוש" "!תתחיל לזוז" "!לתוך בניין הממשל, במהירות" The soldiers vault a low wall, sprinting towards the two-story administration building, finally catching sight of the rest of their platoon, who raise their guns and start firing on the infected chasing them. They reach the barricade, gasping for breath, and make it quickly inside, one of their fellows slamming down the improvised gate behind them. “?אתה בסדר" ".שום דבר רציני. אני רוצה מקלחת ועיסוי" "!לך תזדיין" The men share a chuckle, before a fusillade of gunfire erupts around them. They ready their rifles, and someone begins yelling about another horde coming in from the Northeast. BAGHDAD, IRAQ The minaret of every single mosque in the city blares the same message on a loop...a message which plays to the ears of swarms of infected. Massive amounts of gunfire and explosions can be heard from the western edge of the city, but the recording only plays for the hordes here. لا يوجد شيء للخوف منه. الثقة في الله، الثقة في الجيش. وسوف تكون جميع آمنة وتغلق حصص الإعاشة 1 و 3 و 5. انتقل إلى حصص الإعاشة 2 و 4 و 7 الثقة في الله، الثقة في الجيش. يجب أن تطيع أوامر جميع الأئمة والجنود MECCA, SAUDI ARABIA The voice of a calm, British newscaster fills the airwaves as the frequency stabilizes for just a few moments. “...the fall of Riyadh, the Saudi government reestablished their seat in Mecca, taking over the Hotel Pullman Zamzam Makkah. Amid the flood of refugees to the city, almost every square inch of park or vacant lot has been converted to civilian and military housing as the Kingdom desperately tries to hold onto their holiest of sites. While the Royal Family cannot be reached for comment, the vast majority of reports indicate that Kingdom forces are holding a line spanning from Hail to Ar Rayn, along one of the nation’s main highways. While it’s true Saudi Arabia seems to have fared much better than most of the Middle Eastern countries, the question on everyone’s mind is how long can they hold out amid…” The voice fades again with the signal. CAMP SABALU-HARRISON, BAGRAM AIR BASE, AFGHANISTAN The air is thick with snowflakes large enough to cover one’s hand, fingers spread, and cruel mountain winds whip through the newly rebuilt American section of the base. In tower 17, we find Specialist Davis and Sergeant Mallory of the 42nd Military Police Brigade having a discussion with Sergeant First Class Ghafoor of the local ANA Kandak. “And this is normal in Amerikayee?” scoffs Ghafoor, Spocking one eyebrow and looking rather distasteful. “Well…” waffles Mallory, giving a slight shrug as he adjusts his NODs. “The stupid amounts of alcohol, yes. The llama and raccoon, generally no.” He and Davis laugh rather raucously, and even Ghafoor gives them a chuckle. He raises his Dragunov with the IR sight and scopes in on a hamlet about a kilometer east-southeast. He sighs heavily as Davis and Mallory mirror him with their M4’s. “Their heat signatures look different,” Mallory says softly, sounding disappointed. “Like the others?” Ghafoor asks. “Yeah,” replies Davis. “Big big no sai-ees.” “Big big no sai-ees,” echoes Mallory, reaching for his radio. “Big big no fucking sai-ees,” Ghafoor almost growls. “Your call, Sergeant,” Mallory says, nodding to Ghafoor. “Your country and all.” “Killing Talib, no problem,” Ghafoor says, looking up at Mallory from his scope. He points in the direction of the hamlet. “This...it fucking sucks.” He sighs heavily. “They show all the signs. Do it.” Davis pats Ghafoor on the back as Mallory raises the radio to his face and depresses the PTT. “Guardian TOC, Tower 17.” “17, TOC, send it.” “Confirmed infected, hamlet 4,” Mallory reports, still sounding depressed. “Roger that, tower 17, dispatching air assets already in the AO. Stand by to provide BDA.” “Roger, out.” He sets the radio back in its harness on his IOTV, and gives a glance to Ghafoor. “Why cannot the bundee get infection?” Ghafoor snarls. “We just…” he imitates the action of firing a machine-gun. “That would be a hoot,” chuckles Davis. They sit in silence for about 45 seconds before the AC-130 gunship, circling unheard to them, unleashes a hellstorm of 105mm howitzer shells into the hamlet. The echoing crumps of the explosions make their way to the trio as they raise their optics back onto the hamlet, seeing it completely in ruins, and chunks of fading heat signatures lying about on the ground. There is no movement. Mallory grabs his radio again. “Guardian TOC, Tower 17.” “17, TOC, send it.” “Target destroyed, out.” CHALANG, TAKISTAN Credit to @Taryn for the dank Takistani lore! *A young, Takistani voice rings over the radio, as he services his weapon. This man seems to be talking to anyone who might be listening as he focuses on what he’s doing. The sounds of his rifle being disassembled are slow and deliberate.* I can’t sleep anymore. I wish i could see you once more before I die. Sometimes when i wake in the morning i am disappointed. Since i joined this corps, i’ve crossed the border a few times, into Chernarus, and not once have I witnessed anything that made me feel good about what i’ve done as a soldier. *There’s a click, and a rattle and then metal sliding on wood.* Since the infection took it’s hold on Takistan, there are few settlements remaining that are not policed by the New Takistani Army… Takmyr is our central outpost, with smaller outlying ones in Chalang, Shapur and Awdak. We have taken hold of most civilian supplies and put them to work defending against the infected during the day. They go at night, with a few escorts, when it seems the infected are less active. Their respective areas are swept fairly clean. We give them clothing, food and protection in return for whatever they can provide on these excursions, but they haven’t been returning with much. Our supplies have been running low. Today, I was with my unit in Chalang. We were there to push borders against the Chernarussians to take on more land and get supplies for our troops and civilians. I was told we wouldn’t be working too hard, as there were little to no defenses currently. That wasn't the case, or someone told them we were coming. We left Chalang and crossed territories that had been secured by the American forces, where they’ve set up some outposts previously, but now seem to be unoccupied… We removed them from our lands by force. We offered no refuge… no pity. I’ve seen what they’ve done to my people. We crossed the lands now soaked with their blood to the borders of Chernarus and set up a watch on a hill overlooking the access point we were meant to take. When we arrived there, we saw partitions and barricades preventing vehicle from crossing, and a lot of stranded vehicles. About a hundred yards beyond that was a large fence topped with barbed wire and beyond that stood a group of CDF soldiers. There were maybe two dozen of them and half of them were even younger than me. I saw one who looked to be perhaps sixteen. They stood their ground but were laughing and joking with one another and in that moment, all I could think was how fiercely they are defending their country… just as much as I defend mine. They saw us, and raised their weapons. They demanded to know our purpose. They demanded that we leave. *There is a pause as he stops what he is doing to pick up the radio and hold it closer to him.* I’ve never relished in shooting a kid before. I’ve never taken my job as something i love to do. I’m only here for you. I only wanted to protect our people. To protect you. My commander wanted opened fire. We obeyed. *There’s a long pause as he inhales and then exhales.* We destroyed their defense only to find that there were more in the waits. Our party was small, and was meant only to push the border and clear it. Around three hundred of us to their now one thousand or so. Someone had to have told them. Someone let them know we were coming. They came down the hill, burning a hole in our line and sending us to retreat. I don’t believe I’ve seen so much blood before. I barely made it out. To be quite honest, I wish that I hadn’t. I don’t even know if you’re alive any more. I wish i could see you, my love. I should have never left. *The radio is set down and there is a pause, followed by the cocking of the rifle. There is another stall in sounds, then the clack of a trigger but nothing happens. He curses under his breath in Takistani, and then picks up the radio. The transmission ends shortly after.*
  8. Viridian

    /Reapproved like a boss. Welcome back! Please update your roster, though, that's the only thing.
  9. Widows End [Recruitment Status : Open ]

    Okay, let's see what we have here. I can see how you would justify the foundations of the group based on Jiri's backstory. I'd like to see a LOT more about exactly why he feels that the only way to progress is dominance. You talk about Jiri's time in solitude, and how he started going mad, or so it seems to me. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but it seems that you're building Jiri as someone who's...well...fuckin' nuts. I'm not understanding why he'd want a war. With whom? For what purpose? To assert his dominance? A month later and there stood his men? What men? I only see 3 on your roster (minimum for a group is 5). Grammatical error: I get what you're trying to say, but this is a massively run-on sentence. What teachings are these? Please elaborate. Huh? I LOVE that font...until I got to your roster, and had to take a second to realize it says "TIER I, II, III" and not "HER I, II, III." Also, what's the deal with the tiers? It's not explained at all. Seems as though it'd more likely be a dictatorship, the way it's framed in the backstory. On to your goals. Either elaborate as to the where and why, or please omit. As it stands, this can be considered a generic goal. This could be pretty cool, if you'd elaborate on these teachings as stated above. I've seen this executed spectacularly in the past, vis a vis The Lost Souls, and a few highly impactful characters. This could be juicy here! This is also generic. "Recruit a bunch of people." Okay, cool, but should not be a core goal of the group. It's a given. Why that formatted differently than the other quotes I don't know....but anyway... These pretty much state the same thing. "Rule Chernarus through fear and subjugation." Not saying that's not cool and all, but keep it as one goal. If you could actually achieve this, or some semblance of it, that'd be pretty cool. Reword. Suggestion: - Create dissent by spreading mistrust in the other groups. Spread the impression that only we can be trusted. Also...if you're ruling by fear, you'll be inherently mistrusted. Just sayin'. Why? Are you trying to say "Keep IC stuff IC?" as in don't take drama and hostility to the OOC level? Your logo is pretty dope, not gonna lie. Maybe a bit more color? CLOSING THOUGHTS: This needs a lot of work, but if you can come up with the members and flesh out the stuff listed here, it has the potential to be pretty sweet...IF it's done right.
  10. DayzRP Members as DOGS Thread.

    @Roach @Romenthegreat @tacticaltahko
  11. DayzRP Members as Cats Thread