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  1. Jax comes from Philly, PA. He never really knew his mom and his dad was sent to jail at a very young age. Jax bounced around foster homes until the age of 18 where he went out on his own. No matter how much of a problem child Jax was, he was usually the most intelligent person in the room. at the age of 20, Jax befriended a mafia made man and became his driver/bodyguard/assistant. Anything the boss wanted, Jax was there and he was good at his job. But through the years he studied his boss, the way he does things, the way he leads, treats people and with that knowledge today he could become a very powerful man, very quickly. He's good-looking, charismatic and charming, but he also can be considered a psychopath by many. When the shit hit the fan, he was in Russia escorting his boss on a "business" meeting regarding a few girls he wanted to smuggle over to the US. The apocalypse is the best thing that happened to a crazy guy like him. This is is playground. He thrives in the chaos. Today, Jax has taken everything he learned from his boss and began to build his own empire. Jax is feared and respected as the leader of a small group called (The Brotherhood). Right now this gang or group is off the map with only a few trusted companions, but he controls his subordinates by power, intimidation, and punishment. Nobody knows who they are, but Jax knows the power of patience and continues to make his move until he strikes - and everyone will know who he is. Brutal, foul-mouthed with a twisted sense of humor, Jax is inexplicably violent at times and kills people unaccountably. However, his behavior in certain situations might not always be construed as evil. People are drawn to him. He treats those loyal to him like family, but those who try and cross him like filth. He is a mastermind of manipulation and displays dominance through his violent nature. Jax uses many old school mafia tactics to muscle his way into all different communities turning it into his own playground.
  2. Something wrong with the server tonight? Won't let me connect or kicks me off after about 30min of play. Goes online for about an hour then goes offline. Weird.
  3. My name is Vito Spicoli. Some people call me The Viper. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I strike hard and fast or maybe because I like to squeeze the life out of my enemies. I've lived all over the US, but most of my years were spent in Philadelphia PA. Not much has changed for me. I worked for a crime family back home and business was good. I'm the guy you call when you don't want to get your hands dirty. You can call me a mercenary, a bounty hunter, assassin, clean-up man, the muscle... whatever. You pay me to do a job everyone else is too afraid to do. That's all. It's just business. I had a six-figure paying assignment that brought me to this shit hole of a city before people started to eat each other and now im stuck here. But I'm not alone. I've got two of my boys from back home and nothing has changed. I'm the same guy. I'm still available for hire. I can kidnap, assassinate, rob, or just rough someone a little bit... as long as you show me the money... or in today's case - show me something of value. I'm loyal to those hire me and I will NEVER back out of a contract. If you show me respect and don't try and get one over on me, we won't have a problem. Salud!
  4. My name is Drago. I've lived all over the US, but most of my years were spent in Philadelphia PA. Before all of this… I was a family man. Our family was different than others. You could call us an organized crime family... We lived off the land and built an empire composed of drugs, theft, human trafficking, bloodshed... you know all the stuff every family does on Sunday. Oh well. I've done stuff I'm not proud of, but it made this transition much easier. Killing, lying, cheating and stealing come to easy for me, but I am a very loyal person. MY family, we live and die by loyalty. When we say we're gonna do something, we do it. When we say we have your back, we do... unless you betray us... then you're in trouble because thats about the worst thing you can do to any of us. But how did I end up here in this shit storm of a city? Business. Tried to smuggle a few Russian girls into the US, but I was caught before I hit the Russian border. A guy we know ratted me out... what an asshole. Well of course the shit hits the fan when I’m here in prison. I was on my second year of 7 year sentence. Lucky me huh? Family? Besides my professional family, who are mostly all dead by now, I don’t have much. My parents died a few years before the outbreak, while I was in jail... but I do have a younger brother. Chase. He's a good kid. Luckily he was here visiting me in prison when the outbreak hit the guards and some prisoners. He helped me escape when the shit hit the fan. Some may call this new world hell on earth… we call it life. As the rest of the world is in turmoil, we thrive. Killing, stealing, kidnapping… that all comes easy to us. We just don’t take things so personally. It’s adapting to the way things used to be that was hard. We didn’t quite fit in. This is the life my family was meant to live. In a world filled with cannibalism, murder, death and destruction… ahhhh this is paradise!
  5. Demanding me to give you all my stuff is the same thing as robbing me. We're you just going to borrow the gun? And no it wasn't NVFL. Me RPing as a man who knows he's about to die, so he goes out with a shred of dignity is not NVFL. My character sees a group of aggressive people that keep chasing him down. Yes, at that point my character can assume whatever he wants. Whether you agree with the RP or not, is your opinion. 1. I comply, but you kill me anyway because you think im communist - 2. I comply, and I am unarmed in this world with nothing but murderers and monsters... so im a dead man anyway. 3. I don't comply and you execute me. I read the rules several times and I really don't think I broke any of them. But if I did, it was unintentional and i am sorry. But I am NOT the only one in the wrong here if that's the case. I tried to RP the situation as well as I could. Then when it started to go a littile south I removed myself from the situation. YOU pursued me, and wouldn't let it go. And if your character did show up late there was no way you saw me wearing the hat. Someone told you I was wearing it and you assumed I was some kind of monster. I'm not arguing about this anymore. If I made a mistake then I'm sorry, but it's a game... and attacking me personally and trying so hard to get me banned when I wasn't the only one that made a mistake in this instance is uncalled for.
  6. No initiation? You chased me down TWICE and demanded to give you my gun and bag and vest. Since you chased me down twice, I figured there was no way I was getting out alive, bc you guys wouldn't leave me alone. And whether it was you personally or not... it was your crew that kept pursuing me and bullying me. Then it was you in the end that tried to rob me. I'd rather go down fighting and take one or two of you with me... than die execution style. I know that's what would have come next no matter if I gave you my gun or not. And you know it too.
  7. Hey I was playing my character as Jebediah Zane. Here's my POV: I walk up to two groups of people and say hello. The video fails to show the beginning of when I walked up. One group wearing red and I forget the other group. They seemed to be arguing. So I say something like "well I guess ill be going now" And someone call me back over telling me he has a question. He then asks me about my hat. I say I didn't know it meant that. ETC. but I felt disrespected by "Don" so I say something rude to him (I forget). Then we agree to fist fight. He wins and when i wake up i gladly take off my hat. I then start to walk away from the confrontation when half of the group start to chase me down yelling for me to stop. (At this time i felt threatened for my life) These guys just wouldnt let me be. I threw away the hat liked they asked, so being threatened I act if my back is up against a wall and start to push back. Atleast 7 guys are now surrounding me, ridiculing me and demanding I give them my gun and my bag. At this point I know I am a dead man no matter what I do. I give them the gun, they execute me. I don't, they execute me. What was I supposed to do? I never was a coward when living, so I'm not going to die as a coward. I was a dead man either way. You had me surrounded and were demanding I gave you me stuff AFTER I already gave you the hat you said represented genocide. Am I really supposed to think you were gonna let me live a 2nd time after you make me fight a guy the first time? I'm sorry if that is in anyway against the rules, but I've read the rules and I'm pretty sure nothing I did was against the rules. If I did something that misrepresnted a rule, then i'm sorry. I really am. I really enjoy RPing in this server and I hope you guys allow me to continue to do so. BTW the report below TOTALLY missed half of the entire situation. It made it seem as if I was the a-hole. I was bullied from the very start... Ask anyone that was there. That was 1/3 of what happened. I was chased down twice and told to stop by these guys. "Some guy wearing the chedaki beret, we walk up to talk to him and he acts very hostile while being surrounded by about 12 people. I then talk to him as he is talking mass shit to everyone there, I tell him to pay up for being rude and disrespectful, I tell him to give me his Aug-Vest and bagback. So he then mows me down for no reason and then begins to turn and attempts to mow others down but is killed."
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