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  1. Born on the 19th of May, 1992 in Yorkshire, Bear lived with a lower class family. Suffering with the woes of hand me downs and borrowed school equipment through his childhood as the poor boy. Bear at 16 wanted to escape his demeaning life. He wanted to be something more than some low paid worker of the state. Seeing the army promotional videos he was convinced, it was an escape. So in 2008 he joined the British military. Bear passed basic training and continued with a weapons and vehicle maintenance course, before being deployed in Northern Iraq in 2014 to help with the t training of Kurdish forces. In early 2015 Bear was withdrawn to the UK Catterick Garrison and was promoted Lance corporal. During his two years stationed in the UK Bear completed a specialist explosives, structural engineering and military vehicle maintenance course and on completing it was promoted to corporal. Where he was then deployed MNBG-West to support the CDF garrison with security across the Chernarus and Takistan border. After 6 months of deployment the battalion was ordered by HQ CFOR to be cautious due to some sort of crisis which incite unrest. 3 days after the warning the battalion was relocated to South Zagoria where all life was dead. All that was left was the bones of the streets in Zagoria. On July 17 they arrived on the western border to the region. All that remained was the derelict and abandoned frames of cars on the highway. After patrolling along the highway for a few miles there was a group of infected which were blocking the highway east. With a faulty safety bear tripped over some rubble on the road, dumped by local police as a last ditch barricade. Causing Bear to pull the trigger on his gun as he wanted to keep hold of his rifle, assuming that the safety was on. Although from this act, a misfire occurred. The infected suddenly bolted towards the unit. Things got out of control very quickly, and with that the infected swarmed the group. Killing over half of the men in the unit. Bear fled, seeing his Lt. into the woods. Screams in the distance as he fled as the injured were mauled to death by these inhumane creatures. Surviving another day.
  2. Some cheeky photos of my adventures around Chernarus. Enjoy
  3. yea, I see what you all mean. You don't always have to rob them or even hold them up. Maybe talk to them while hidden or just listen into their conversation to see what they are like then maybe go and interact. I just don't like the bad RP approach some of you were talking about. I am also looking forward to the 0.61 stable because of the increase of zombies in towns. It will make survivors think twice about shooting a gun.
  4. What I don't get is that people in DayzRP do this. They walk up to a stranger and say "Hi how is your day?" This just is not the kind of RP the community aims to have. It may be but it isn't what it is supposed to be. Saying a nice greeting without ooc is not the right kind of RP .You would always be on edge, because you are in an apocalypse trying to survive. But this is what I get in DayzRP? A RP server roleplaying in a zombie apocalypse? Anyways, you would not know if they will shoot you first or not. They may even struggling to get supplies! So you can’t always trust them. Here is an example of what it should be like really in a zombie apocalypse and how some situations may turn out at first in my opinion: *One person has seen another. They take the safety of their gun. They need some food they are hungry. So they plan a holdup * *They wait till they are in an enclosed area before they hold them up and they see the other person with a gun. So they are cautious and are quiet sneaking up on them.* *The victim is just scavenging around for some supplies in a house* *The other person comes up behind them with their gun raised* "Drop your gun and put your hands in the air, SLOWLY!" "If you don't I will shoot!" *other person says*: "Whoa, don't shoot please! I will drop the gun" *Guy who is holding the other one up needs some supplies, so he asks for the survivors bag as well* *survivor follows the demand, if they don't, they die. Simple as* *The robber says*: "Don't worry I am not here to kill you, I just need some food." * Searches through the victims bag* *The robber finds what they need and moves off, telling the other person* "Don't try anything stupid" *with his gun still raised at them* *Robber leaves the other persons bag nearby and runs off* *The survivor who just got robbed stays still until they think it is safe* *Both exit the scene* What I get normally is: "Hello, how are you?" "Do want to trade something??" This just shouldn't happen unless you really can know them. This is what I think is a REAL kind of approach to somebody. No you don't always rob them. If you are a hero then you will just ask to them to drop the gun. You have no idea what the other survivor’s intentions are! After you have gained each other’s trust, then maybe you could then exchange points in a more relaxed conversation. I tried this in a hero approach just asking them to drop their gun before they did anything else, my character couldn't trust them. It was a military airfield. In a real apocalypse you would have people fighting over the last military loot left! So they may of tried to fight back (from my characters point of view) Then they complained in the forums of my 'Hostile approach’! My good RP approach in my point of view! Everybody's character is going to be scared of everyone in the Dayz world, unless you know them of course. Because they don't know if they are trustworthy or not. It is a bit ridiculous if you are complaining about this kind of approach. If you want Hard core RP, don't act like they are your next door neighbour. It's a harsh world. With extreme circumstances, comes an extreme type of behaviour... I hope this will stop the oblivious person behaviour that occurs in DayzRP. I know this is a bit of an extreme point, and you want to be nice to everyone. But that is just what I think. Well that was one big rant! . I hope you understand.
  5. Seeing that the new 0.6 has mod support as one of its goals and progress is much faster than before, i was just wondering what mods you owners are thinking of adding. I know there are no steam workshop scripts avaliable at the moment , as well as no custom mods. I just need a vague idea of what is to come. When dayz standalone mods arrive. Richard.
  6. Richard Smith

    November 2016 Community Meeting Announcement

    Well i just missed this meeting. . I hope there will be another
  7. Richard Smith

    S1: FailRP, AOGM, Excessive OOC, Possible Underage

    Right... So this is my point of view. Basically this whole robbery situation was occurring at the house. As requested, I empty my gear out at 5 fps. For me I was lagging due to the rain, killing my fps. Anyway during this whole holdup one of the items I removed from my gear was a RG grenade or whatever it was called. During this process, apparently I pulled a grenade out. Pulling the pin. On my screen I just put it down in my backpack. I did not intend to pull the pin. I heard one of my captors say I pulled a grenade. I just thought he saw it in my hand when putting in away. So I tried to continue with the RP with this robbery. When brought into the house I tried to continue the best RP I could. Sorry but I am no actor for you "RP veterans". And if I screamed to the torturing in game, I would cause distress in my apartment floor . (which I did not intend to do). I tried the best I could to simulate pain without actually getting attention from other people outside of the game. I am new to Dayz RP, acting is not my strongpoint. Ok? So I am sorry for the apparent fail RP. I tried my best. I even tried to RP my glitched character who would not put his backpack in his hands. I even logged out and came back. I could of just logged out due to the opportunity. But no, I didn't. when this fight broke out I tried to put my hands down, due to my terrible fps, I was not able to. Resulting in blueberry mauling me with a hatchet. Somehow I survived. When I woke up from being knocked out for more than a minute, most of the captors were dead to my surprise. I thought it was an enemy faction attacking you guys, due to territory issues. Anyway when I saw the pile of bodies all around. They blamed me for this massacre, and I replied that I was nothing to do with it. Then guy in snow camo. Shoots me. I am sorry for this inconvenience. But I did not really see the reason why you robbed me in the first place. Anyways it's dayz, stuff happens... Richard. And no you are not getting my real name. p.s I was not with anyone there lol. So I didn't kill my friends. I told you in RP as well that I was not.
  8. Good to see you man, hope you have fun on the community.
  9. So you basically made a game that is unplayable?????????? 0__0
  10. Hello I am wondering about the group creation rules, to create a group is the requirement three months of being online or three months since whitelisting? Richard.
  11. Alright I will try all this, maybe green mountain first because of how easy it is to defend if needed.
  12. Ok guys i will take this all into account. It'll take time to build reputation but eventually it will be good
  13. Ok maybe not a neutral zone.... but somewhere you can go if you need a certain weapon attachment or a certain type of gear.
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