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"Can life not fuk me over for 2 seconds plz ty :)"

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  1. Hardwired


    Gon have to use the little time I have for the next 2 weeks to get some lives in. Twitch.tv/itzlevent playing my guitar as usual 

  2. Hardwired

    Community Podcast

    Podcasts and staff QnA's are currently being arranged, hopefully we some streamed live soon so stay tuned guys
  3. Hardwired

    I'm an evil stud muffin!

    Nice! and welcome
  4. Hardwired

    The Graip Return

    Glad you are back buddy
  5. Hardwired


    Times like this are when you actually NEED to win the lottery 😄 

  6. Hardwired

    Mic check? ahem, hi :D

    Welcome to DayZRP and congrats on your recent whitelist
  7. Hardwired


    Having a break dudes, need a couple of weeks to comprehend what has gone off this week and get my health back on track. See you all soon ❤️ 

    1. -Chow-


      Take the time you need

    2. DrMax


      o7! C ya soon 

  8. Hardwired

    Hey guys and gals!

    Heey nice name Welcome in bro
  9. Hardwired

    When is DayZRP most active

    Yes, I have noticed you are from the UK like myself so for us It is usually around 12am to 2am in the morning, it is late, but totally worth it!
  10. Hardwired


    RIP to my Bike 😕 

    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      in the arms of the angels 

  11. Hardwired


    Long,sad, stressful day 😞  need to relax and just play the guitar...twitch.tv/itzlevent 

  12. Hardwired

    Hey Hey

    Welcome into our community, hope you enjoy your time
  13. Hardwired

    Making My Return with .63

    Welcome back bro!
  14. Hardwired

    New payment method - crypto currencies

    Ooh very nice, hopefully people in the community find this handy I have no experience in the crypto currency area
  15. Hardwired


    Welcome back! I am sure there are plenty of people around that you may know or that may want to be involved!
  16. Hardwired


    See you all in 2 days if I feel any better 🤮

  17. Hardwired


    Hello Greg matey, welcome into DayZRP
  18. Hardwired

    I'm done trying DayZRP, Bye :(

    Take care buddy hope you find what your looking for.
  19. Hardwired


    Streaming guitar with new cable! LETS GOO! 


    1. Shanoby


      Dude... I just tried it... I giggled out of excitment with my first try song... thx for all the info 😍😍😍

    2. Hardwired


      No problem dude enjoy 😄 

  20. Hardwired


    R.I.P CS:GO inventories! My heart goes out to all the Dutch ❤️ 

    1. Eagle



    2. Spartan


      *looks confused in Dutch*

    3. Hardwired


      For those that don't know, Valve had to sign an agreement because it was discovered that the way trading and skins worked in CSGO is not allowed with dutch law so basically everyone in holland is region locked and cannot trade steam items or sell them. Locked inventories 

    4. Spartan


      *shrugs* It's just CSGO.

      Any game > CSGO

    5. Hardwired


      ^So true @Spartan:D 

  21. Hardwired

    Hardcore, do bugs count aswell.

    It is up to you whether your character dies based off Rule 11.3. We can see if a player or zombie kills you but nothing else.If you die from a bug or starvation,thirst etc then that is not visible to us. If you die unfairly you are more than welcome to continue playing your character.
  22. Hardwired


    Time to make a change....

    1. BorisRP



    2. Hardwired


      Oof, but how! XD 

  23. Hardwired

    It's Been A While...

    Welcome back dude! Hope to see you around
  24. Hardwired

    Hello There.

    General KENOBI!
  25. Hardwired

    Can't link With steam

    No problem buddy!