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  1. Is it even worth hopping on the server, since everyone I speak to blanks me, doesnt want any RP or just blatantly walks off, its like my character is a fuckin ghost. kind of bored of it.

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    2. Boston


      Come back when the lore wipes.

    3. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      @Boston dont Think so i am done the Pvper have Ruin my Fun and the RP is always the same Lore Wipe will Chance nothing so Long the People Not Change and that will Not happen 

    4. Ninja


      @Boston I will come back after the wipe, that aint the issue, the issue is that it is so difficult for me to make a story with people because all the groups sit around with each other and if some randomer comes up to them they dont care.