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  1. God, not been here agessss. :o 

  2. been live 11 hours now guys, come join in!


  3. Streaming

    Live on twitch now guys, PUBG, the best player around maybe https://www.twitch.tv/levent_g/
  4. Streaming

    Hey guys, Was told to come here to tell you guys I am now streaming Live on twitch, I used to do it a lot but had a break and lost a lot of my audience so I would love it if you guys could come give some support if you can http://Twitch.tv/dzs_levent
  5. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    2/10 fuck drake
  6. Wow! 40 views at once today on stream, crazy!

    1. Crim



    2. Ninja


      Nope, Raid!

  7. Daily stream now switching over to MORE PUBG WOO https://www.twitch.tv/levent_g/

  8. Streaming

    Live now guys! https://www.twitch.tv/levent_g/ DayZ PVP, roaming, Music and song requests! Come chill and chat
  9. Now switched over to stream some DayZ, come and chill and chat!


  10. HELLO!

    wow, I have been here more than a year and still not a tycoon, guess you win lol, welcome
  11. DayZ RP Streamers

    Well I got back into streaming regularly so let's see if I can impress ey Twitch.tv/levent_g
  12. I hate Surgery :( time for a surgery stream though :D maybe this helps.

    Pubg, DayZ, and other chill games :D 


  13. Raspad Vosstaniye

    Cheers lads and lasses


  15. Can you feel the PVP

    It isn't Christmas yet mate.
  16. Wouldnt it be good if the site had actual games? , sometimes it can get boring if your unpopular :( 

    1. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      Stop Rage and dont go Salty all the time then people Play with you Dont take this as a offend but thats why i dont play with you in the Last time you are too Mutch down and too Mutch Salt 

    2. Ninja


      ??? Erm, ok don't know what this has to do with the post but sure.

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    *Turns on flashlight* Erhhh, where am I?!!

  17. Joffery Hetfield

    Joffery Hetfield is a 27 year old man from the United Kingdom, raised around alcohol and bad habits is the cause of his nasty behaviour nowadays. Joffery is a strong believer in his british culture, before the outbreak the United Kingdom faces many issues with immigration and it caused an uprising in some parts of the UK where British people would protest and riot to try and rid of the immigrants, There was those who followed the law and protested peacefully, but when the night came there was those that searched for trouble and mayhem, Joffery here being one of them with a small gang of friends he had known for a long time. After an injury in a riot it was decided he needed a break, some time to rethink his next moves and have a few drinks, being a criminal Joffery was laughing in the amount of black money he had, that being from drugs, robberies and more. It took the piss to think Joffery wanted to travel to Chernarus, it was a pretty isolated country full of working class people, just another place for him to cause trouble. Either way Joffery made his way there, the whole situation kicked off with the infection and there was no way in hell he would let it get to him, no care given for anyone, even if he had to kill, rob, torture....As long as he was alive, that was all that mattered.
  18. @Kirby Kunkka well that wasnt nice

    1. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      xD get rekt do you like no fun do you?

    2. Ninja


      i like fun, that was not fun haha

      that was mean haha

  19. Looks really good @Major, Also, I get this feeling that the DayZ devs wanted that pipe to be an easter egg as to how the infection started too