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  1. @Hollows thought you would enjoy this ;) 


    1. Hollows


      Hey that's pretty cool.

    2. Ninja


      fuckin awesome atmosphere

  2. Safe Zone Trial

    Not a fan of this idea but meh.
  3. May be setting up a VERY hostile group, PM if interested maybe we can get this started.

  4. Not been on for AGGES, time to change that tonight and now!

  5. I got a few tricks up my sleeve

  6. Well, guess Ill be comin back ;)

  7. In a week I hit Affiliation on twitch :D a real treat.

    1. Kirby Kunkka

      Kirby Kunkka

      Nice one!

      Good Luck with Twitch.

  8. God, not been here agessss. :o 

  9. been live 11 hours now guys, come join in!


  10. Streaming

    Live on twitch now guys, PUBG, the best player around maybe https://www.twitch.tv/levent_g/
  11. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    2/10 fuck drake