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  1. twitch.tv/imlevent I play guitar 😮

  2. 7/10, not bad. Avatar needs to be a different size
  3. Binge watching Harry potter is great 

  4. twitch.tv/imlevent, Request music ? 

  5. Man and woman at start, Transition in the story. Easy really. -1 from me
  6. Thank you for that @Quiet (Sleepy should I say :3) It means alot
  7. In a nutshell, Got robbed today of all my money, Losing people to death and breakups, got no mates even though I am neutral,People lying behind my back and treating me like chalk waiting for rain to wash away [Yes TDG lyrics]. Tired of hearing the same old "I am here for you" or "you can talk to me whenever your low" bullshit because lets be honest, no one cares about anything more than themselves. Guess I am an easy target and people judge books by the cover...
  8. So im at the park, I have a date tomorrow night, the only money I have left is the 30 pounds in my wallet ready for tomorrow, then some prick with a knife comes off the fucking bridge and forces me to take any money I have out my wallet. I aint stupid so I gave it him. Literally stuck with fuck all now.... sick of this shit

    1. Samaritan


      Rather the money than your life.

      Sorry that happened but you did the right thing giving the money over, you need to report it to the police though.

      Hopefully you date will understand, if she doesn't then maybe it wasn't meant to be.

    2. Master


      Yea dude, Police came but they couldnt do anything. I managed to sort the whole date out. 

  9. Unpopular opinion. Cadburies cream eggs are disgusting 

  10. Good read lol, thanks Jim. Now I know you aint as good as you seem "Rob people"
  11. Still looking for a group btw :3 

  12. Found this sick website, basically whatever you draw, the AI will correct it, its crazy O_O


    1. Falk


      good site

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