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"The hell with the rules, if it sounds right then it is! - EVH"

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    Look what I found the other day ❤️


    1. Mando


      Wow, sorry I am late, don't check here often, but thank you for sharing 💓💓

  2. Rest in Peace Eddie ❤️ 

  3. Ello georgeous ❤️

    1. Whitename


      what’s good, how’s Bastion?

    2. Whitename


      i saw you post on the newcomers forum there but idk if you actually play

    3. Mando


      Yea bro I play often! Be nice to talk to you again sometime ?

  4. Always feel wierd coming back here, the first thing I see is that my Post about DatTurtle is still getting likes...Still makes me feel down when I think about it.

    1. FaeLR


      I always get a bit sad when I see his helmets in game .. I hope they are still there even after all the updates.

    2. Mando



      I remember texturing it ? I hope it is still around, I never actually found it in game 

    3. FaeLR


      Ive found it a lot, I dont wear it but I used to carry it around with me ?

    4. Mando


      If ever you find it again,  a screenshot would be appreciated ❤️ 

  5. Well, not been here for a while, keep needing to come back but life keeps getting in the way, Hope everyone is alright in this wierd time, I promise I will get back on here soon and maybe make some new friends.

  6. Baby























    1. Watchman


      He is the way

  7. Feel like a noob at RP again, back to being a whitename until I can come up with something original ? 

  8. To be fair, people should think more about this and not jump to a conclusion based off NVFL or anything of the sort, It could actually be a cool little feature, if there was a way for a system to detect the areas that are a certain distance away from your last death and then restricting you from spawning in any of the spawns near that area., maybe that would be cool. Sometimes dying in Stary and waking up in Pavlovo can be a weird story to explain to your friends? (I also think that using "This could be abused" for anything is a terrible reason, Things can be worked on and improved which
  9. I accidently uninstalled DayZ like a dickweed ?‍♂️

  10. This is so immersion breaking, With admin tools available why arent we using them, makes me sed.
  11. I am slightly confused as to why Rainbow six Siege is 70GB on my hard drive...

    1. DrMax


      Have you not seen gridlock? She explains the size of the game.. 

    2. Mando


      Sadly im too poor to have any special operators lmao, why is she so large for the game?

  12. Putrefaction
    A scent that cursed be
    Under cold dark dust
    From the darkness
    Rise a succubus
    From the earthen rust

    Haresis Dea
    Once a majesty
    Now exposing bone
    From the darkness
    Rise a succubus
    And usurp the throne

    The moon is full and shines
    An evil blinding light
    Under a monolith, her likeness
    Marble white

  13. My only goal is to be in somebodies prison cell on a community interview ??


    baby dancing GIF

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