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  1. Can someone tell me how to have a youtube video in the background and profile music separate like before?

  2. Finna going live about to start "Shadow of the Tomb Raider"



  3. University Student studying games Modelling, animation and texturing by day, Streamer by night. But streaming at my job as much as I wish it was lmao
  4. I managed to catch a shot of the great one! 




  5. @Major



    1. Major


      All the slack-jawed idiots that say that Black Sabbath was only good with Ozzy need to fuck off.

      RIP Ronnie James Dio

    2. Mando


      This is real sabbath IMO! 

      RIP Dio ❤️ \m/

  6. I AM LIVE WITH CALL OF CTHULHU! Lovecraftians get your arse here! 

    1. Major


      Grab Deus Ex MD while its uber cheap. Amazing game. 

    2. Mando


      On it @Major 😛

  7. Just found 90 pound laying in an old bank account of mine. Time for a few games 😛 

  8. We have fiverr experts in here, Anyone able to find a good gig for a birthday message?. One thats funny lol

    1. JimRP
    2. Mando


      Quality! ^

  9. Twitch.tv/thekillstar

    New hair colour woo

  10. 10/10 just for the avatar, tis very nice
  11. IGN: Atlas Bleu Country: UK English skills: Excellent DayZ Mod Experience: 200 Hrs, standard game DayZ Standalone Experience: 3000 Roleplaying Experience: around 2000 hours What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor, Bait, Weak character to form bonds with but can be taught, raised and develops overtime Have you been in any clan/group previously: VDV , The Angels, been in around 6-7 other groups previously Best way to contact you: Forum/PM Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6778/
  12. I guess it's rusty not played for a while but hey, I told ya so lol


  13. 6/10 Rapper themes are all over this site and they are getting cliche and overrated. BUT! I can play falling down on guitar
  14. Regardless of that it is still a trailer cinematic or not, they even mentioned the trailer using DayZ assets and as far as I can tell half of the assets in that trailer are not A. From DayZ or B. Don't exist at all.
  15. Load of bollocks in my opinion, it falsifies the game completely.
  16. I am like 3 modules behind my uni work so yeah. rip me
  17. Mando

    Killstar's Avatars

    Added 2 more, your welcome @Chernon but rank up and fix ya post colour xD
  18. Will pay beanz to anyone who can make me twitch emotes lol 

  19. Back to being a child in-game 😋 See you guys in Chernarus

  20. Sizing is SCREWED since I can't find the perfect dimensions for avatars, I just use whatever works Either way hope you like some of them, Ill add more in the future Let me know if you want one, I can make avatars for people
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