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  1. To be fair,  people should think more about this and not jump to a conclusion based off NVFL or anything of the sort, It could actually be a cool little feature, if there was a way for a system to detect the areas that are a certain distance away from your last death and then restricting you from spawning in any of the spawns near that area., maybe that would be cool. Sometimes dying in Stary and waking up in Pavlovo can be a weird story to explain to your friends😅

    (I also think that using "This could be abused" for anything is a terrible reason, Things can be worked on and improved which is why we should test them)

    +1 From me but would need more details on the way this works

  2. Greetings fellow members of the galaxy, I am loving the new Mandalorian series so far and definitely think we need a thread.

    For those that do not know what it is or have no seen it yet, check out the trailer here!



    To all my fellow Mandalorian warriors, we must remember


    "This is the way"

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