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  1. Surprised I havent killed myself yet...

    1. Roach


      I hope you're talking about In Game

    2. Levent
    3. Chewy



      You okay there?

    4. Levent


      I could be 100000 times better but atm the world is taking a massive shit on me

    5. Chewy


      I know the feel. Stay strong. :/

    6. Roach


      Well don't, Levent. I swear do not be that kind of guy. Life is all about bumps. Somedays I feel like shit and like nothing will ever go well. After almost 33 years of existence, I've felt somewhat like you at least 30+ times. Guess what? It gets better if you wanna make it better ;) only you can change that. Do not be what many would call a coward. People will be angry at you for even trying or thinking it, remember that. Ever heard of "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? Here's your chance to make some damn fine lemonade friend :D Nothing is ever worth killing yourself over.

    7. Levent


      I could make some lemonade but really cba to get some lemons 

    8. Roach


      You don't need to find the lemons Levent, life already threw them at you. You can turn almost any situation into a positive one. And let me be clear, there will be MANY MANY MANY more moments in life where you feel like shit. Trust me. Giving up is not the answer. Just don't man, last thing I wanna see and I am just a guy on the internet. Could you imagine what it would do to your family and friends? Think about what you would do to them by doing this. Think about all the amazing and incredible moments you'll miss out on in life with said people. There are more great moments than bad. You just need to go past this bump and YOU WILL FOR SURE!

    9. Levent


      Ill get past it, Let me pick up these lemons though because one hit me in the fuckin face

    10. Roach


      That's the spirit *points to a lemon* you missed one back there ;) You'll be fine man. A lot fo people care about you Levent. Never forget that.

    11. Chewy



    12. Levent


      This is what i thought when the prick hit my face