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  1. Well,If that is how you boys roll, link to app Top quality frags!
  2. Was great RP today with @Tony @Galaxy @Credidred @Keira @Hellspawnceri and everyone else in the LS. Probably my favorite group now
  3. Struggling to decide what group to apply for :/

  4. Need a survivalist group please! lonely

    1. Boston


      PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds.

    2. Genji


      @Boston Erh, can't see much RP there

    • Genji
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    idk u but HB

  5. @Corry Saw this on facebook, It is heart warming but like somebody said, this is how we do things in our country and it's not good, it's the same "We are better than you" attitude that we give then we move on and forget about it to let somebody destroy other places and hurt more innocent people.
  6. @Dew I dont think anyone said it was anyones fault but This is what people are getting wrong, it is a very very very basic system to just inform, I dont think that being a slow type is an excuse for someone to say to you, "Dont do text RP", everyone is equal, and a universal symbol could be very helpful
  7. Taped onto a wooden pole in Stary (TAKE THIS IC)
  8. IGN: (In - Game Name) Joni Mueller Country:UK English skills: Excellent DayZ Mod Experience:Only played Public, No RP DayZ Standalone Experience:2000+ hours Roleplaying Experience:1500+ Hours What kind of In Game role best describes you: Currently my character is a psychopath, He is a confused young boy with an alternate personality that is trying to stalk and hunt down everyone stopping him from seeing his little sister and also those that have tortured him. Have you been in any clan/group previously:Heldentum, The Regulators, The Family. Additional notes: Currently my character is on a big mission, it would be good to be put into a group of strong people that could help and support him hunt down these people Best way to contact you: PM on site Backstory:
  9. Well, back to looking for a group. Anyone fancy having a 15 year old Psychopath in their squad?

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    2. Phoenix


      aye left the fam? why?

    3. Genji


      Well for a start @Phoenix they all want me dead and secondly the duds too crazy for them

    4. Phoenix


      mhm mhm mhm 


  10. But by saying this it kind of implies that people are not willing to help newcomers, not everyone can perfect textRP, just by allowing them to say "bare with me" can't hurt. It is totally understandable as a newcomer, I would rather have the newcomer say that instead of blatantly breaking a rule or doing something wrong right? All this is, is a universal symbol that notifies in a formal and less cluttered way.
  11. @Oisín I dont see why the feature cant be used, its just a simple /*/ that makes a huge difference and it doesnt hurt. Makes it so much easier