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  1. Born april 1st 1992 Andrew Was always abit of a wildcard, getting into fights in school ultimately lead to him being expelled and getting a general education. While applying for college's he found an advertisement for a study abroad program in chernarus. 2 weeks later he was on a boat headed to a city called Elktro. He stayed in the city for about 6 months renting a nice apartment and slowly trying to learn the local dialect. following the outbreak and chaos that roared through the streets and countryside. he did his best to avoid others and never came into direct contact with anyone, living by scavenging towns and cars along the road. In the beginning he was hopeful, One quiet afternoon in the countryside he heard a women's scream and repeated gunshots. Sneaking around he saw what appeared to be bandits robbing a poor deceased womens corpse and dragging it along. These sights and many more have broken the young mans will and he wonders if its even worth continuing anymore.......
  2. Been lurking on the fourms for a bit thorughly enjoyed my time here before leaving. couple months back figure its time to brush off the old gas mask and see what you fine folks been upto played back around the time of the masquerade, anarchy and plantation cant wait to see some familiar faces and new one ingame weither on the good side of the barrel or not
  3. I just recently started to play more on the servers playing on EU during its peak and US when its peaked. Maybe played for a total of 20 hours in the last week and have had very little RP what so ever running into people that wouldn't even give me there names. Walking all around the triangle and even checking some of the settlements out during peak. Now don't get me wrong Ive run into plenty of people, its just most of them are incredibly inexperienced in rp nearly shooting me over the name of the town I was in [role playing as a 16 year old who doesn't speak or understand Russian] or are just running past to there next big gun fight of some kind. Have not been robbed or even had a conversation that lasted more then 10 minutes with someone. Population is not so much the issue as some of the current systems and rules in place. Honestly as someone who joined recently around 9-10 month's ago I don't have as much experience in when DayzRP was great but settlements didn't help IMO Just a local forum lurkers opinion
  4. Sigoth

    Merry Fucking Christmas [Open broadcast]

    *Andrew listens over the radio as he sits by the fire waiting for his food to cook, He hears a mention of Christmas and decides to speak up* Merry Christmas to all, feels weird still celebrating holidays in a hellhole like this but eh keeps the moral up *releasing his push to talk he takes his steak off the fire, enjoying his fresh meat as the radio falls silent*
  5. Sigoth

    what is this????

    Little late to the party here but here is a thought. Instead of having these "Safe Places for big group campfire RP {Which I do thoroughly enjoy, not hating on it} And tailoring rules around them so there safe unless they see one of the few other large groups roll up. Make them do that campfire roleplay somewhere in the world the whole settlements things seems a little busted to me but that's a topic for another day. Campfire roleplay can be done anywhere you don't have give factions a sort of armor for them to do it Just a locals forums lurker opinion
  6. Sigoth

    The art of Complying

    Kinda funny saying f2 is some kind of rule armour. When in reality I have had multiple occurrences where the captor wigs the fuck out and blows me away when my hands are up. This guide does not seem like something the community really needs. I've said it before but if we all come off our triggers for 2 seconds just maybe no one dies and the roleplay can be enjoyable. Also when you tell someone to not back talk and then shoot them the next comment they make that's shit man. Use there back talk and channel it back into ur roleplay maybe torture them a little extra.
  7. Never been hit myself by a mine or a grenade, guess I'm a real lucky one. I do take pleasure in going upto the bags people leave with grenades in them and dragging it into my hands and pinning it before tossing it far away as a bit of a screw you, had to do that on a couple of occasions
  8. Sigoth

    RDM? Really?

    Yes it is I agree however the man did state his compliance by making his main rifle not a option in said non compliance. If some people would get off of there triggers for two seconds and talk to someone esp when you and ur guys have the rifle trained at them not the other way around things like this would not happen.
  9. Sigoth

    RDM? Really?

    That's not really what the argument is about. It's about how the accused can be punished when the OP wasn't complying to his demands. It's not about 'oh this is a an RP server' as Thumper said it's what evidence was in the report. Sure it may not be about the fact that this is an rp server but news flash it is. Roleplay should always come first if that means you wait longer then 10 seconds before shooting someone so be it.
  10. Sigoth

    RDM? Really?

    You know I don't like to get into rule debates but this one is blatant guys the man was no theat with his gun on his back. We are all here for roleplay and the accused killed all further role play by shooting him. Once he placed his gun on his back u can hear the accused get quiet but still doing the shitty rp countdown. He should have stopped the countdown and started the roleplay seeing as he had a guy on the outside it would be nvfl for the hostage to draw his gun. And as many have said why put ur big gun away to the be hostile with a pistol
  11. I was not even aware of the combat logging this report was mainly to put forwards the gear rp that he himself admits to in the video when I ask why he held me up After having spoken with the accused I have decided to recede this report and ask that it be closed. The situation has been handeled and I see no reason for this to be taken any further. Thank you for your time and effort in helping us sort this out
  12. he did some text OOC asking me if I had a radio and when I said yes he proceeded to smash it
  13. Server and location: S3 NWAF TENTS Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:00ish Your in game name: Andrew Bennette Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Logs will show as the video does not Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMigjM0nLrE Detailed description of the events: I am sitting at nwaf on s3 trying to sort something out with teamspeak and am alt tabbed. Upon returning I am handcuffed which is fair enough seeing as I was afk but after trying to talk to the man he repeadtly says hes robbing me for my shit and refuses to talk to me calling me kid and telling me I keep talking I will be shot. After a moment of talking with him I start my recording and atleast attempt to get some of it on video. The man offered no roleplay and decided that my gear was more important then roleplay. He had an accomplise with him who refused to talk and had a barrel in his hands presumably to go store the shit they took off of me.
  14. I enjoy rust and think a rp server for it would be fun, although I feel the possibilities of rp in rust is a little meh with bases and all. Would be open to trying it but in all honesty I would first see a reign of kings server or something along those lines.
  15. Fair enough why did you run away after looking through my gear and not roleplay with me. The whole situation lasted 30 seconds and you offered very little roleplay aside from looking through my gear and leaving.
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